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Windmill Hill City Farm is a charity that provides recreation, education and therapy using food, farming and the environment as a theme.

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Leafing things to the last minute

Friday 24th November

Written by David Head

An illuminated morning greeted Jason, Caroline and David at the farm with Jaon in lolly pop man High Vis lighting the way. We started with a viewing of the cute piglets and ducks then off to the shed. Leaf sweeping continued to be our autumnal task today. It has felt like a bottomless refill of leaves every week but we kept our barrows half full with our cheery souls. Forming beautiful leaf plies we managed to deposit them in hedgerows allowing nature to do its magic. The robin seemed to approve of our efforts. A final photo with the stick insect man and we were on our ways👏

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BristolCommunity mission
David Head

Piglets playing statues with double Dave's

Friday 17th November

Written by David Head

A fine blue sky greeted the 2 Dave's. Well protected in our autumnal lycra, we proceeded to the shed. Becoming a second home! Armed with racks, Barrows and those extended hand collecting devices, we targeted a leafy area in the section near the duck enclosure. We were greeted with a quacking and wheeling piglet chorus. Time seemed to stop for a moment as we peered at the excited piglets and they froze like statues. A weird moment. 2 barrows later we deposited the leaves in the compost and departed with Davey waves. Great job 👏

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BristolGroup run
Richard BreakspearDavid Head
Ed NewmanCarolineAlice Whale

A b-rake in the weather

Tuesday 14th November

Written by Melanie Young (she/her)

After a very soggy day we were delighted to find a dry-ish evening waiting for us in Queen Square with Richard leading the runners on a longer route and Richard back-marking, catching us walkers at pedestrian lights and having the shed open by the time we walkers arrived.

The massed rakes and brushes were carried to the joyous wheelbarrow park (soooo many wheelbarrows, some very useful, some very pretty and some in the middle) and into the wildlife garden where wed previously spread much woodchip. Our task was to clear the leaf fall and leave the path surfaces intact - normally pretty difficult but the rain had the leaves sticking to each other and bot the ground which, combined with our skill set, meant leaves were quickly off the paths and onto the plant beds and compost heap.

David athletically vaulted* the fence to the pond and cleared the pontoon whilst Jason mastered lifting large quantities of leaves without the help of tools.

Katie and Ed proved dab hands with the rakes, skimming the paths to make numerous leaf piles whilst Alice arrived having tracked us down with her amazing bloodhound senses.

We'd heard the ducks, seen a very big black cow (seeing only its eyes at first in the torchlight - eek) and experienced proper farmyard smells as we worked around more of the path we'd dug out a couple of years ago (or was it just last year?).

With multiple barrows of leaves moved to (hopefully!) more useful/less disruptive places, we tidied our tools back into the shed and set off back to Queen Square and on to Workout to taste test flapjacks with a huge pot of tea - perfect!

*climbed over very carefully

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BristolCommunity mission
Melanie YoungDavid HeadKasia

B-raking bad :-(

Friday 10th November

Written by Melanie Young (she/her)

It was fab to welcome Kasia to the GoodGym Bristol team with a soggy Friday session at the City Farm.

David had already checked out suitable locations and we decided to return to the exact same spot we’d cleared of leaves last week, now carpeted once again.

Raking was vigorous. So vigorous that David wore out one rake that has now retired from future active duty.

When the area was clear, 3 barrows of leaves, 2 leafy hand things, 1 compost heap, we tidied up and retired ourselves to Loaf for lovely coffee to see us through the day. All before 9am!

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BristolCommunity mission
David HeadMelanie YoungCaroline

All you need is leafy love

Friday 3rd November

Written by David Head

A bit of Bristol drizzle greeted Mel. David and Caroline at the farm this morning. This was a real reiki session as we collected barrow loads of lovely autuminal leaves and also cleared a weedy green area using a variety of tools. With full barrow loads of love we deposited our detritus in the compost and made time for a lovely photo and then departed on our ways with a blue sky above. Proper job

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BristolCommunity mission
David HeadCarolineMelanie Young

Lambs Ear Goodgym frolics

Friday 27th October

Written by David Head

A nice morning greeted Mel, Caroline and David. We had the pleasure of meeting Sarah too who is one of the managers on the farm. We ID a section at the front of the farm, and with one of the favourite green wheel barrows named Larry and with tools we began to sweep leaves around the benches and weeded around the lovely wooden borders. No worms were hurt in the folics and were safely relocated. Mel and Caroline ID a lovely Lambs Ear plant that we weeded around. So nice to share time in nature. Great job everyone 👏

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