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Windmill Hill City Farm is a charity that provides recreation, education and therapy using food, farming and the environment as a theme.

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Mud pie preparation extravaganza - long-term Bristol GG recruitment drive

Tuesday 18th June

Written by Melanie Young (she/her)

A gorgeous evening for a run/walk over to Windmill Hill City Farm, one of our two City Farm good deeds of the week (St Werburgh's City Farm Wednesday evening).

Having triple checked which beds were for digging and which were absolutely not to be dug under any circumstances, we were on to our task to make the toddler "mud digging" zones easier to dig as the mud had become very compacted. It's basically going to be a training ground for future GoodGymmers and part of our 15-year plan.

Big forks (and one border fork or "ladies fork" in old speak) and spades were put to use in the sunshine and masses of bindweed cleared from the space next door revealing a long-lost trowel - it might not be golden but was treasure for us. It was probably our second biggest digging workout of the year so far, since Jordan attacked the pond-to-be with a pick axe on the pouring rain.

The deepest hole was soon being edged and backfilled with large lumps of soil (and soul) which were then broken up to resemble a "fine till" per Gardeners' World parlance and even raked over.

Zone 2 had been a bit more weedy but was also levelling up (no politics here) well, albeit not quite so fine, but a whole lot better than when we arrived.

With barrowloads of bindweed cleared from the neighbouring patch, the sun was still shining as we tidied up, returned all the tools to the shed and said goodbye to the rabbits on our way out - perfect.

Tea, cider and hot chocolate was the order of the day back at Club Haus at Workout. Not all in the same cup.

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Sarah MurchCarolineJason ThorneMelanie YoungJankaMarianne Bradshaw

Unwind for the weekend

Friday 14th June

Written by Melanie Young (she/her)

A rare blue sky was the backdrop for the morning’s Friday Farm Frolics as we recce’d the site for Tuesday’s bed digging, making a start on the bindweed invasion CV lie to the perimeter of the farm.

We reckoned on three wheelbarrows for the 35 minutes and only just got away with it as the six of us were so efficient with our unwinding time.

It was great to welcome Sarah to her first GoodGym session - we hope to see you again soon.

Always nervous of adding bindweed to a main compost heap, we parked the three very full barrows by the compost heaps for someone else to make the decision of where it should go, before we set off to homes, offices and coffee at Loaf - always a great start to a Friday:

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David HeadJade CahillJankaTom ChristmasNellTimMelanie Young

Polly Tunnel vision for weeds only

Friday 7th June

Written by David Head

A lovely morning greeted the GG crew today af the farm. Guided by one of the kind staff we were asked to help with clearing weeds to improve access to the pollytunnels. With an assortment of tools we set about our task with tunnel focus with the joy of summer and a goat chorus. In no time we had cleared a large section and placed the weeds lnto the designated compost heap. Awesome 👏

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Melanie YoungCarolineDavid HeadJanka

Long binding road

Friday 31st May

Written by David Head

A nice morning greeted us at the farm today. This week we focused on the bindweed at the front. It was speed weeding filling a wheel barrow load in no time and tidying the edges. Great work everyone 👏

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Jade CahillMelanie YoungDavid HeadJason ThorneTimCaroline

Not to be tansyed with.

Friday 24th May

Written by David Head

After a few drops of rain and a most accurate weather forecast by Sarah the farm manager, the rain stopped at 8 and we began our task.

Caroline continued with her bindweed removal doing an amazing job in the allotments and Mel, Tim and Jason cleared a path and steps of weeds bringing back a glorious clean edge. We IDed a plant called a Tansy, that can be used as a substitute for sage apparently but please check the source.

A final picture by the atlas stone and we were off with joy, ready for the rest of Friday and the Back Holiday weekend.


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Friday Farm Frollics

Friday 17th May

Written by Jade Cahill

Goodgymers met today on a lovely sunny day to help out at Windmill Hill City Farm!

Three tasks were carried out today- scouting out bindweeds in the bushes and pulling these out, bagging manure and placing this out at the front of the farm in order to be sold and then finally, sweeping hay up and placing this in the compost.

Was lovely to see everyone and have a chat!

Have a good weekend all!

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