Group run

Punch-Trunk Love

7 GoodGymers made their way 2.0km to help the Noel Park Big Local in Haringey.

  • Sam Chapman
  • Alex Cameron-Smith
  • Euclides Montes
  • Julie Fisher
  • Latoya Stephens
  • Nurjehan
  • Charlie Linton
Wednesday, 30th of November 2022
Led by Euclides Montes

Seven unbeleafable Goodgymmers ran around the Noel Park Estate in Wood Green, lending a hand to the Big Local and looking after some trees.

"So you wanna be a brick?"

We went back to the Noel Park Estate to finish a job we started a couple of months ago. Old hands at this sucker-tree-surgery by now, our Goodgymmers wasted no time in arming themselves with sharp contraptions and brand-new gardening gloves and off they went into the night.

We had to make a quick detour as an unnamed Godgymmer had got lost on her way to task. After a few Whatsapps and a couple of phone calls, Gramps decided to try an old and tested method and just ran up and down the road shouting said Goodgymmer's name. Just as the crew was getting ready to mock Gramps mercilessly for his odd antics, our lost goodgymmer shouted back from down the road and before you knew it, the full group was exchanging warm embraces under the moody Noel Park street light. Boom.

Once back on track, we spotted the poor suckers who were about to go to the big chipper in the sky and Sam, Latoya, Julie and Charlie got on with it.

In the meantime, Gramps took Nurjerhan and Alex to tend to some newly-planted trees whose safety cages had been turned into horrendous rubbish bins by a bunch of |REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED| |HQ note: come on, dude. Chill|. Nurj and Alex, armed with litter picks, ushered a rather irate Gramps away and worked their magic. And what wondrous magic it was. In no time they had left the cages clean as a whistle and Gramps blood pressure levelled out again.

Now, the whole gang back together, we collected the fallen branches and started to make our way to the communal compost pile in the park.

On the way there, discussion ranged from marathon-fever (Hi Julie) to a rather more unorthodox type of brick-laying (Hi Sam). Talk about taking Pink Floyd's "All in all, you're just another brick in the wall" lyrics quite literally... 

Anyway, back at Big Local HQ, we talked about Goodgym doggy-style, Xmas socials, and selfie-care.

It were right lovely, Guv!

Report written by Euclides Montes

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Friday December 2nd, 2022 07:02

The 'running' commentary on our lost GGymer, is just so funny. Haringey madness at its best. Long, lost souls reunited.

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