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1 GoodGymer made their way to help an isolated older person in Camden.

  • Madhan
Saturday, 2nd of September 2023

This was my second TV setup mission today. This time I had to connect the smart TV to the internet. I went a bit earlier and Ms.I was clearing up the TV area for my arrival.

Ms.I asked me to hold on for some time as she had to fit her hearing aids. In the meantime, I took the remote and found the option to connect the TV to the internet and look for wifi router in the flat. I thought this mission would end in two minutes.

Ms.I surprised me by saying that she never had broadband/internet in her flat. I have to explain what Internet/Broadband/Wifi to her. She asked me to write that down. Ms.I wanted to watch some documentaries and specific movies as the TV channels are not that exciting for her. She has not used Netflix/Amazon Prime before. So I had to explain the subscription model of those. She couldn't fully understand that as she said she is not that great with technology. I wrote them down as well.

The mission was converted to a social visit as we started talking about other things. Then Ms.I asked if it was possible to watch the internet without doing additional things(broadband etc.). She then mentioned that she uses YouTube on her phone.

I got the idea of creating a Wi-Fi hotspot in her phone and connecting the TV to that. It worked and showed her how to use Youtube on the TV. She asked me to write down the steps. I wrote them down with symbols and what button to press when. She said it was clear for her to do it on her own.

Then we started having more conversations around psychology, relationships, and socializing and time went by quickly. After 90 minutes I decided to make a move as I had to fix a bike next.

Report written by Madhan

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Windsor and Maidenhead runner
Windsor and Maidenhead runner
Sunday September 3rd, 2023 12:02

What a busy day. Well done on helping all these people, you are star! ⭐⭐⭐

Monday September 4th, 2023 21:18

Thank you 😊

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