Ex-Terminator 2: Atonement Day

2 GoodGymers made their way to help an isolated older person in Camden.

  • Sevan
  • Kash
Saturday, 3rd of June 2023

After their first success destroying ivy in Belsize Park. K-800 and S-1000 roamed around the 2023 BR London that they found themselves in, looking to atone for future mistakes. BR meaning Before the Great Rewilding. They were amazed to see humans dominating the urban environment, not pushed out to the edges by the plants who'd overpowered both the humans and animals by 2029.

They arrived in Tufnell Park, on a street like many others and saw in a front garden the beginnings of bindweed staking its claim. In 2029, what was left of the United Nations had identified the spread of bindweed and knotweed as the initial stages of the plant take over, years before the negative effects of the Great Rewilding were felt.

K-800 and S-1000 saw the danger here, so they kicked their way through the front and back doors to see what horrors they would find behind the house. They both scanned the garden from the back door. Once well manicured, it was now overgrown. S-1000 scanned the garden and uploaded what he saw to Skynet. The result came almost instantaneously. Skynet had identified bindweed, cats ear and cleavers hiding in plain sight, all of which would be part of Earthnet and needed to be destroyed.

K-800 calculated a 0.001% reduction of human extinction in the UK by addressing this garden. It wasn't the big impact that she craved, but she realised that many small changes could achieve a bigger goal. S-1000 saw a nearby shed and thinking that it would contain useful tools, morphed into liquid metal to enter and open it from the inside. Now they were ready to exterminate the threats in the garden.

Ms H, who lived at the house was shocked to see what the two had done. K-800's explanation of the future state of earth didn't really help either as Ms H wasn't a believer in time travel, preferring to lose herself in cookery books. What Ms H could get on board with though was someone to help weed her garden, even if they did both claim to be cybernauts from the future.

K-800 swept the leafy detritus from the ground, looking to uncover anything growing below. S-1000 on the other hand jumped into the flower beds to rip out the plant invaders, leaving the dry, sandy soil almost bare when he'd finished.

With the garden now safe, Ms H asked for a new delivery from the garden centre to be planted in the flower beds. K-800 was unsure about this as was S-1000. Their purpose in returning to 2023 was to prevent the plants of the future from gaining power by forming Earthnet. Surely putting more plants in the ground would speed the creation of Earthnet up! Ms H was insistent however and explained that jasmine and clematis were not weeds and wouldn't contribute to this Earthnet thing, whatever it was. Skynet confirmed that these species could lead the fight back against the weed invaders, so S-1000 transferred them to the sandy soil.

With new, helpful plants in the ground, the ex-terminators moved on to find the next hazardous location. The next step towards thwarting Earthnet.

Report written by Sevan

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