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29 runners ran 3.0km to help the Columbia Road Youth Centre, Cranbrook Community Food Garden, and Hollybush Estate in Tower Hamlets.

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Monday, 9th of March 2020
Led by Laura Williams


We enjoyed a whopping three tasks tonight in Tower Hamlets!

Isabelle headed up our new task, to see Khanh & co at the Columbia Road Youth Hub. Writes Isabelle, "The team was split into two: 5 of us were given a leafleting task, to head out to local areas where the youngsters the centre is targeting, can be found. The remaining runners were tasked with painting the centre, to the sound of Sean Paul. And, IMO, this was one of the best tasks we've been on!"

Yes, having visited the Hub several times, I can confirm it's a lively place, with a huge drive to do what it says on the tin. And we must thank our great friend, Bablu Miah, of Trapped in Zone One who created this task for us, and got the ball rolling with Khanh. Thanks, Bablu!

Meanwhile, Leo took another big team to Cranbrook Community Food Garden where new task owner Freya had lovingly prepared a lot of leaflets and amazing maps for the team to distribute around the estate. The team were busy in and out of the garden, and dropping fliers and blitzing all the work laid out for them in record time.

And I led a smaller crew to Catherine at the Parkview Estate where she too had lovingly prepared hundreds of crocus bulbs to be planted, and had pruners ready for raspberry bush trimming too! Our small team of four blitzed the gardening tasks and had a little time for some post-race stretching in the squished office space too.


And so we headed back to the base where the others had already congregated and Sarah had got the team off to a splendid fitness start with high knee jogs and jumping jacks! Lucky team - two teachers! We continued our fitness work in the rain, eeking out every last fitness component ("One last nice calf stretch") until Charlotte, speaking for the entire team, wailed, "Can we stop now, Laura? We're freezing.") Good call, Charlotte.

Ad so we headed inside to warm up and prep for the pub.

Big thankyou's & shout-out's tonight...

Tonight we must thank our wonderful task force yet again. Leo and Isabellewho enabled our three tasks to go ahead. Your Task Force team are always in the wings, advising, planning, and helping lead and carry the area. We get a growing number of task requests and it's because of our Task Force we're able to fulfill them all.

Thanks too to the entire group tonight, for getting so much done in horrid weather and with such big smiles. You're amazing, and it's no wonder our task owners speak so highly of you.

Thanks for our report contributors, Isabelle and Leo; to Bryon for pun-assistance and to Katherine, Leo and Isabelle for pics.

Thanks to Leo for leading and heading up tonight's social.

Let's not forget a huge shout-out and pat on the back to our very own Martin who tonight reached his 100th deed. Thank. You.

And a big warm welcome to Jessica, whose first run it was. You did splendidly and we hope very much you'll join us next time!

And what's coming up...

Right, that’s me for another week. Stay dry, everyone; enjoy your week, take the greatest of care, and hopefully we’ll see you very, very soon.

Report written by Laura Williams

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Laura Williams
Led by Laura Williams

Lucky enough to be the Area Activator for Tower Hamlets. Personal trainer. Seriously sweet tooth.

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