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Martin completed a training run • Evening Run
Mon 8 Aug
Martin went on a community mission
Community mission
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Don't Leaf Me This Way

Mon 8 Aug
Report written by Laura Williams

One by one GoodGymers arrived at the Cranbrook Community Garden, where we were meeting longstanding task owners, Janet and Eileen, to help tidy up the whole garden area.

Teams were divided into two: one to head out to the front, to tackle the tricky borders behind the fence, and one to head to the area behind the garages, where everything from traffic cones to empty bottles have been stashed over the months.

Climbing skilfully over the fence, the team dived wasting no time filling their bin liners.

Meanwhile, Team Leaf were busy filling bag after bag of brown leaves by the borders. Such was their progress, we were able to form a Breakaway Squad to Roman Road, to drench a few of the young trees whose leaves are falling by the day, and who look set not to survive the summer.

A real community effort

Having been prompted by local community organisers, we knew which shops to approach for our buckets and water. Local business owners were incredibly kind and helpful, getting on board with this impromptu task. The effort was headed up by Task Force members Simon and Kellie, who formed a strong management team: Simon on tree-management; Kellie on the sales pitch to new water outlets.

We then returned to the garden for some final watering, a last pic and our favourite tree stretches.

What a night!

Tomorrow night, we have a bonus midweek task involving more watering in our gorgeous Meath Gardens. Whether you can spare 10 minutes or an hour, any help will make a huge difference.

And keep an eye out for more exciting Monday night tasks to come, including our return to Oxford House, woodchip-moving, and joining the Get Out team for gardening in Bow!

Until then.

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Martin completed a training run • Wimbledon Common Half
Sun 7 Aug
Martin completed a training run • Southwark parkrun
Sat 6 Aug
Martin completed a training run • Evening Run
Fri 5 Aug
Martin signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Gardening in Cranbook Community Food Garden and tree-watering on Roman Road: with pre-and-post task workouts!

Mon 8 Aug 18:45 pm
Cranbrook Community Centre, Mace Street, London, E2 0RB
We'll be helping Janet and Eileen catch up on some gardening tonight, as well as heading to Roman Road.

We're back for an August visit to Cranbrook Community Centre to help Janet and Eileen tidy up the garden, and clear the area around the garages.

If there are enough of us, we will also head to Roman Road, to water some of the young trees who are a little thirsty...

What you need to know

  • We will be meeting outside the Cranbrook Community Centre at 6:45pm for a pre-task workout on the grass.

  • The task will start at 7pm, and run until 7:50pm.

  • At 7:50pm, we will head back to the grassy mound outside the Centre, for a relaxing, full body stretch, to get the week off to a great start.

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Martin went on a group run
Group run

WWW . St Peters . Goodgym

Mon 1 Aug
Report written by Peter Van Tongeren

On a warm and a little muggy Monday evening, 6 Goodgym members set off from our base at Wanstead House towards St Peters-in-the-forest. We had been asked if we could assist with tidying up the area after the busy summer footfall.

So after Julie led us in a little warm-up session we took to the streets of Wanstead & Snaresbrook to get to the church in the forest.

Tasks seemed to centre around the letter W this evening:

  • Watering the planters
  • Weeding & re-graveling pathways
  • Washing the front gate

Martin & James set to the watering before moving on to some pruning. Jenny & Julia got stuck into graveling & weeding, while Linda & Peter attacked the dirty gates and its surrounding weeds.

All too soon it was time to call it an evening on these never ending tasks, making our way back to base and other destinations.

P.S... James running with gardening gloves does have a passing resemblance to the hulk we thought P.P.S.. the swan is one of many in Eagle Pond, where we even spotted a tortoise ambling about.

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Martin signed up to a group run
Group run


Mon 1 Aug 18:30 pm
Wanstead House Community Association, 21 The Green, London, E11 2NT
helping the team maintain the church grounds for visitors to use

*Meeting Place: * We will meet at Wanstead Community House. There will be place to store bags and a bike in a safe(r) place but don't leave valuables.

What to bring: Please bring suitable weather clothing, gardening gloves and head torch.

Task: We have been asked to pop down to St Peters to lend a hand repairing gravel paths and general weeding.

As usual, you're encouraged to walk, run or cycle to the session!

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Martin completed a training run • Evening Run
Wed 6 Jul
Martin completed a training run • Evening Run
Mon 4 Jul
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