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Martin Quinlan completed a training run • Morning Run
Tue 28 Sep
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Sun 26 Sep
Martin Quinlan completed a training run • Hackney Community 5k - wave 1
Sat 25 Sep
Martin Quinlan completed a training run • Highbury Fields parkrun
Sat 25 Sep
Martin Quinlan completed a training run • Morning Run
Fri 24 Sep
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Thu 23 Sep
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Wed 22 Sep
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Group run
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GROUP RUN: Day 2 of Rebuilding the Pond at Bethnal Green Nature Reserve

Thu 30 Sep 18:10 pm
Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, Middleton Street, London, E2 9RR
On Day 2 of this amazing outdoor task, we'll be tackling the next stage of this big pond redevelopment...

What we'll be doing

  • We'll be meeting at Middleton Green at 6:10pm for those who fancy a pre-task workout and run. We'll then be running across the road to meet Margaret by the Nature Reserve to start the second part of our big pond task.

  • If you'd like to meet at the task, we'll be meeting Margaret at the Nature Reserve in Middleton St from 6:30pm.

  • We have allowed 90 minutes for this evening's task, but we may finish earlier.

Why so early?

  • Daylight! (this is a big new project, and we need to maximise the daylight left during the evening, so if you are able to sneak out of work a bit early...).
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Martin Quinlan completed a training run • GGTH
Mon 20 Sep
Martin Quinlan went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

All court up

Mon 20 Sep
Report written by Laura Williams

Well, we didn't plan on a double fitness bill tonight, that's for sure. Who knew.

So a small little group gathered in Museum Gardens this evening, for our pre-task run. It was fantastic to be joined by Nina, who we haven't seen for a while! And although the run started off as a short one on paper, Si thankfully took over and, after some brilliant navigation finding the quietest, longest route (including a lap of Middleton Green), we managed to squeeze in a little bit of extra mileage en route to one of our favourite tasks.

Many hands, etc etc...

Margaret greeted us with a well planned operation: brand new gloves; bundles of bin bags, and the obligatory crash course in "What's-a-weed-and-what's-not." The team busied themselves along Ellsworth Street, weeding the entire border and filling bin liner after bin liner in no time. It felt like we'd only just arrived when we were already posing for our cheerio end shot.

What's a single leg squat between friends?

The task was scheduled to take the GoodGymers ninety minutes but 45 minutes in, we were scrabbling around for the last little weed. "Well, we're here now," we shrugged at 7:15pm, and so we accompanied Margaret to the Nature Reserve to take a quick look at the pond that'll be the job for next week's two-part task (including our Group Run), and then over to the basketball court we headed, where we enjoyed 20 minutes of not-so-easy fitness: a few speedy laps, some balancing lower body work; the obligatory core moves, and some nice stretches, oh, and a last final lap to finish. Not a bad effort at all, team.

Another great evening, doing lots, interacting lots, and just a lot of doing what you do best: combining your fitness and your sense of purpose into a heavenly 90 minutes for all those who come into contact with you. Way. To. Go.

Until next time.

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