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Bring me a flyer love

17 runners ran 5.4km to help their local community in Lewisham.

  • Emma Presley Abbott
  • Sarah Rajabalee
  • Charlotte goodman
  • Kim Parker
  • Amber Maurice
  • Chloe Cooper
  • Clare Griffiths
  • Martin Wilcockson
  • Rosemary Alexandrou
  • Lewisham runner
  • Lewisham runner
  • Clare Nicholson
  • Olivia Powell
  • Sophie Mendes
  • Adam Letch
  • Marie-Claire Bessada
  • Nick Springall
Monday, 4th of November 2019
Led by Emma Presley Abbott

It was great to see you all this evening! A very warm welcome to this week's newcomer Marie-Claire (or MC for short) - go and give her a cheer - we hope to see you back again soon! It was lovely to see Olivia and Rosemary again this evening, and we gave a well-deserved round of applause to Oli who is GoodGym Lewisham's latest Task Force member!

Think about it, there must be flyer love // Down in the heart or hidden in the letterbox above

It was an intro of two halves from me this week... very light on news and events, yet very detailed on flyering plans (thanks to Sarah for sharing the reminder about GoodGym's 10th birthday bash this Friday!). We waved off our walking groups who were off to get a head start on their flyering, then we had another crack at the Big Wave to warm up - I think we're getting pretty good at it!

Where's that flyer love I keep thinking of? // Worlds are turning and we're just posting on

Like a Pied Piper in reverse, we set off as a group to slog up Belmont Hill towards Blackheath, dropping off pairs of runners at their allotted roads as we went along, before it was just me and Oli running up and down flights of stairs in Prendergast Road. We covered an incredible area between us, flyering about 1,000 homes which will make a massive difference to attendance at Age Exchange's Christmas Fair. Imagine how long it might have taken just a couple of volunteers to achieve the amount we did in an hour this evening - amazing work!

Things look so bad everywhere // In this whole world, what is (Christmas) fair?

The grand flyering plan (fingers and toes crossed) was for everyone to reconvene outside the Lewisham Tavern at 8.15pm for the short run back to Glass Mill and a cool down. I really appreciate how punctual you all were, it certainly saved me a lot of worrying. And for those of you lucky folk who made it back early, I hope you enjoyed the wall sits!

I could rise above on a flyer love // I will wait for it // I'm not too late for it

For those of you who took a few flyers home with you to spread the word a little further - I've listed this community mission for you to sign up to, for a bonus good deed in exchange for your extra help!

I could light the night up with my headtorch on fire // I could make the sun shine from pure desire

As we spent the evening flyering for a Christmas Fair, here are a few other events to sign up for to get you in the festive spirit, including:

There's that love, bring me flyer love // Bring me a flyer love

Many thanks to Steve Winwood for this week's pun inspiration "Higher Love", released back in 1986. So much mileage in those cracking lyrics, I've had a marvellous time wringing tenuous puns out of them!

Report written by Emma Presley Abbott

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Led by

Emma Presley Abbott

Emma Presley Abbott
GoodGym Lewisham Run Leader

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    • Clare Griffiths
    • Amber Maurice
    • Kim Parker
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    • Clare Griffiths
  • Back marker

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    • Lewisham runner

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