Do Good, Get Fit

A group of people are beginning the process of setting up GoodGym in Bury.
Can you help make it happen?

What's GoodGym?

Forget the gym, we get fit by doing good. Our community of runners and qualified trainer will help you achieve your fitness goals by doing physical work that helps your community.

Any Questions? Get in touch

Can’t tell you enough how two weeks of Good Gym have already added so much to my life mate, and I’m feeling fit as a fiddle

Tom, runner
GoodGym runners stretching out after a run

Run for the community

We run and clear land for a community gardens, move rubble and tidy community centres. Group runs are regular, sociable and open to all abilities.

A GoodGym runner volunteering to clear a garden

Get fit helping older people

GoodGym members get sent one-off missions for such as clearing gardens, changing lightbulbs and doing odd-jobs for older people who struggle to do them alone. You run there, fix the problem, and run back again.

A GoodGym runner sharing a cup of tea with an older person in Hackney

Be a hero

GoodGym pairs members with isolated older people in the community that would appreciate a friendly visit once a week. We call the older people our 'coaches' because they motivate us to keep going.

Read our FAQs, how we started or read read some stories of our stories from our runs on our main site.

Let's make GoodGym happen in Bury

What we need

3 / 5 founding members

  • Rowan Ardill
  • Denise Shore
  • Emma Quinn

Got more to offer? Founder Members spread the word and help steer and feedback on the project. You don't need to be a runner.

Register as a founding member

122 / 100 runners

  • Angela lydiate
  • Mr James P Wilson
  • John Blakeley
  • Alessia Del Vecchio
  • Vanessa hamnett
  • Katherine Baines
  • Marion Webster
  • Rhi Rhi
  • Chris Bell
  • Sean
  • Nic Fox
  • James Pigeon Holden
  • Amanda
  • sian nicholson
  • Pritesh
  • Hazel
  • Laura Farr
  • Shauna Murphy
  • Katrien Steenmans
  • Emma Rawlinson
  • Anna Kay
  • miriam sherman
  • Ann Partridge
  • Lilli Nelson
  • Emily
  • Craig Myers
  • Holly Francessca Brown
  • Ellen Adamson
  • Nicola Jayne
  • Amanda Hampson
  • Tracey Kerr
  • Hannah Burton
  • Dina
  • Sarah Bannister
  • Eleanor McNair
  • Matthew Parr
  • Hannah
  • Rosemary Prendecki
  • Louise Robbins
  • Rik Entwistle
  • lee buggie
  • Tess Ptonka
  • Uresh Hansaka Samarawickrama
  • Carol Nolan
  • Elena Bernalte Morgado
  • bixi
  • dawn evans
  • Phil Holden
  • Pete
  • Christine Holden
  • Gary bradley
  • Kate Holden
  • Harlow Quinn
  • Kate Brooks
  • Amy Ardill
  • john Turner
  • Sarah Sutcliffe
  • Ann Hardman
  • Paula Pilling
  • Christine Pendlebury
  • tejprakash anjana
  • Andy Hollingsworth
  • Mike Graney
  • Alice Runnacles
  • Jane
  • David Ardill
  • Suzanne Janes
  • Jemma taylor
  • Louise
  • Jo m
  • Christine
  • Ian Cronshaw
  • Chmaine Robinson
  • Michelle Linacre
  • Angus Fisher
  • Annmarie Bennett
  • Megan Eardly
  • Joanne
  • Jenny Rhymes
  • Gillian Perry
  • Nadine Sinclair
  • Bilal Amin
  • Yogesh Tailor
  • zane melia
  • Sue Heyes
  • Southwark runner
  • Tracey Jones
  • Leanne grin
  • Matt
  • Sergio Morcillo
  • stephen
  • Fay McKnight
  • David Elms
  • Rebecca Leech
  • Amy Gregson
  • Vee Uye
  • Gabrielle
  • Denise Shore
  • Sam Humphries
  • darren evans
  • Nigel Holmes
  • kate
  • Rhys Wadkin
  • Ian
  • Jobeth Barrett
  • Val Brennan
  • Jane MacKechnie
  • Esther
  • Eve Hart
  • Emma Quinn
  • Emma Quinn
  • Alice Victoria
  • Rowan Ardill
  • Colette
  • Paige Collier
  • Laura Khan
  • Mark Charlton
  • Laura Farr
  • Bristol runner
  • Laura Chepner
  • Nicholas Peterkin
  • Kate Welch

The most important part of GoodGym is runners like you. We’re open to all skill levels and you’ll be invited to our weekly group runs. Sign up to register your interest and hear when we start running.

Register as a runner

An amazing running coach / personal trainer

GoodGym work with the best trainers and running coaches in the UK to make a difference to thousands of people’s lives.

If you’re amazing at what you do, passionate about running and care about the world around you, we want you join us.

Apply here

A start location

GoodGym needs an easily accessible place where people can leave bags that has toilets. You can help by scouting out for a good place.

Suggest a start location

Everyone to know

To be a success we need everyone to know this is happening.

What will happen next?

Here’s the process we go through to setup GoodGym in a new area. We're currently in Stage 1.

Show demand

  • 5 founder members are recruited
  • 100 runners signed up

Raise funds

  • Work together to raise startup funding from the Council or local business.


  • Trainer is recruited
  • Start date is set
  • Trainer is trained by GoodGym
  • Area website is launched


  • The project is live.
  • Regular weekly runs begin.

Background photograph by Norbert Blech
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