Why we are supporting The Brett Foundation

This Maidenhead based charity supports the homeless and families who are living in poverty. They provide temporary shelter, advice, and everything from meals (working with their sister charity Foodshare) to clothes, electrical appliances, toiletries, and Christmas trees.

Their normal work is no less crucial during the Covid-19 outbreak, and in addition they are helping those who are elderly and isolating by collecting shopping and prescriptions, and combating loneliness by holding virtual coffee mornings and bingo sessions. They are also supporting children would would normally receive free meals at school.

The help most urgently needed is shopping for elderly people who are not able to go out themselves.

How to get involved

**If you can help, please contact the charity through this form on their website or send them a message through their Facebook page. Please include your mobile phone number as they will text you with details.

It is also worth following their Facebook page for updates and further requests for help.

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By supporting this charity, you will be able to log any good deeds you have done with them.

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Liv Parker-Scott

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