Group run

Floor Cleaning at Swindon MS and Neuro Therapy Centre!

To support and improve this much-needed facility for those living with neurological conditions in Swindon


We will be running just over 5km in total; to the Swindon MS and Neuro Therapy Centre and back, to do some cleaning! This is our third visit to the centre; we helped out in their garden area last July and a craft fayre in November and we were keen to return in the New Year to help clean their floor; a task that was mentioned on a previous visit.

Swindon MS and Neuro Therapy Centre offers a range of therapies and services to support those living with neurological conditions and we are very excited to be helping out again.

We will be meeting at the usual time of 6pm at the Oasis Leisure Centre; just look out for us in the red GoodGym tops! After the run, at around 8pm, there will then be an opportunity to get together for refreshments in Coffee Corner at the Oasis. All food and drink now has to be pre-ordered and paid for before 6pm. Don't forget that the Oasis no longer accepts cash payments.

Please also be aware that GoodGym runs are suitable for runners of all abilities; our Group Runs over 5km (in total) may have two Run Leaders; one for the Steadies and another for the Speedies. All our runs are backmarked and we never leave anyone behind. There will be lockers at the Oasis (near the squash courts) to leave personal belongings while out on the run. Don't forget your one pound coin!

Date and time

18:00 - 19:45 Tuesday, 21st of January 2020
Options are available to run between 5km and 6km in total

Remember that we run to and from the task, so you'll only be running for half this distance in one go.

This is a standard GoodGym group run. If you can't run for more than 15mins without stopping or you're worried about any aspect of the session, contact us or see if there's a starter session coming up in your area.

Start Location

Better Swindon Oasis Leisure Centre
North Star Avenue
SN2 1EP View Map

GoodGym start locations have a space to change, leave bags and toilets.

What to look out for

Age Restriction

GoodGym welcomes anyone aged 18 or over. If you are under 18 then you will be unable to participate in any GoodGym activity

Make sure you've read our general guidelines for safety when running and at a task.

Use of tools and equipment
If tools are used incorrectly or inappropriately they could cause harm to yourself or others around you.
Fumes, particles or irritants on site
Harm caused to yourself by fumes, particles or irritants on site.


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Led by

Emma Sperring

Emma Sperring
Now famous for the ‘Swindon Silence’ at Swindon parkrun...! I’m also pretty good at talking, taking photos and drinking coffee!!! 😁

Runners helping out

  • Report Writer

    Will be in charge of writing the run report

    • Mike Oakes
  • Back marker

    Make sure that no one is left behind

    • Andrew Pitts

Who's going

  • Jason Higgs
  • Sam Coxon
  • Rachel Hemingway
  • Swindon runner
  • Swindon runner
  • Andrew Pitts
  • Sarah
  • Emma Sperring
  • Helen Saville
  • Kirsty Hodgson
  • Mike Oakes

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Better Swindon Oasis Leisure Centre
North Star Avenue

We meet in the foyer/reception area. Look out for the red GoodGym t-shirts.


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