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Gabrielle Newson signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Helping Out at Swindon's COVID-19 Vaccination Centre @ STEAM - From Tuesday 19th January to Saturday 23rd January 2021

Sat 23 Jan 18:30 pm
STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway, Fire Fly Avenue, Swindon, SN2 2TA
To support our local health service during COVID-19


We have been asked to help out and provide support at our local Covid-19 vaccination centre at STEAM next week. Can you spare a few hours to help out? If you can - please have a look at the shifts below and make a comment (below) as to which one suits you:

Tuesday 19th January 08:00-13:30 or 13:30-18:30

Wednesday 20th January 08:00-3:30 or 13:30-18:30

Thursday 21st January 08:00-13:30 or 13:30-18:30

Friday 22nd January 08:00-13:30 or 13:30-18:30

Saturday 23rd January 08:00-13:30 or 13:30-18:30

Please note that volunteering roles are currently marshalling positions within the car park at STEAM. Roles are likely to become more varied as the weeks progress.

When signing up to this task, your name, contact details and preferred shift will be forwarded onto Swindon Borough Council who will then correspond with you directly.

Please also note that full training and PPE will be provided.

Thank you so much for your help and support with the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

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Gabrielle Newson has run their first 5k. Mon 11 Jan 2021

Gabrielle has just logged their first 5k with GoodGym. Gabrielle has joined the ranks of Athletes like Tirunesh Dibaba - running gracefully over 5000 metres. Show Gabrielle some love.

Gabrielle Newson has logged their first training run with GoodGym. Mon 11 Jan 2021

Oh yes. Gabrielle is training. This is how the greatest atheletes on earth are made. Gabrielle is making it happen. They logged their first training run on the GoodGym site; extraordinary things are sure to follow.

Gabrielle Newson has connected Strava. Mon 11 Jan 2021

Gabrielle has got Strava connected. Strava is a great way to track your progress.

Gabrielle Newson completed a training run • Sorta sprints - RED Jan day 11
Mon 11 Jan
Gabrielle Newson completed a training run • RED Jan day 6 ❄️
Wed 6 Jan
Fri 1 Jan
Gabrielle Newson signed up to a training session
Training session

RED January

Fri 1 Jan 00:00 am
., ., ., .
Let's start 2021 well by looking after our physical and mental health

Let's get 2021 off to a great start by looking after our mental and physical health ♥️♥️

The idea is to get active everyday in January - the choice is yours. You can walk, run, swim, cycle, or choose your favourite fitness activity 🏃🏃‍♀️👣🏊🏊‍♀️🏌️🚲⛷️⛹️⛹️‍♀️🎾🏋️🏋️‍♀️🏇🚴🚴‍♀️🤽‍♀️🤽‍♂️🧗🧗‍♀️🚵‍♀️🚵‍♂️. Listen to your body and do whatever works for you.

And, if you are able to, you can choose to support Mind too.

Sign up to our GoodGym RED January team and let's support each other to start 2021 well.

Here are 31 different things to try during the month - you can do as many or as few as you choose. This is all about you and your mental and physical health - it's not a competition. The only rules are that you get active every day in January and that you are kind to yourself and each other ♥️

  1. Run, walk or cycle a new route

  2. At least 10 minutes of stretching, yoga or pilates - try Yoga with Adriene or The Balanced Life Pilates for ideas

  3. Walk, run, or cycle at sunrise or sunset and take a photo.

  4. Say thank you to someone - or make a list of 3 things you are thankful for

  5. Break out of the routine - try a different exercise session.

  6. 10 minutes of strength and conditioning - your choice

  7. Breathe...boost your well being and try this

  8. Hills...yes, I know but hills are your friend. Find a hill and up you go! Hill reps optional.

  9. Plank...plank for 30s on at least 3 days in a week. If you can't plank, pick an abs exercise of your choice and do 10 reps on at least 3 days in a week.

  10. Set yourself a step target for the week and get those feet moving!

  11. Do something creative - art, craft, sewing, baking...the choice is yours!

  12. Round up your run, walk, swim or cycle to the nearest mile or km.

  13. Take at least 10000 steps in a day

  14. Kitchen disco...put some music on and dance!

  15. Balance...take some time to improve your balance. or exercises of your choice

  16. Go off road...walk, run or cycle on track or trail

  17. Vitamin D boost - get outside on a sunny day for a run, walk or cycle, or just sit and enjoy the winter sun

  18. Screen break...turn off the gadgets. For how long? Whatever feels right for you.

  19. Sprint finish...power walk or sprint to end your walk or run

  20. Find objects on your walk, run or cycle to spell GoodGym

  21. Sleep...power nap or introduce a good sleep hygiene habit into your routine

  22. Exercise your brain...crossword, sudoku, quiz, puzzle - something to get the grey matter working

  23. Run, walk or cycle your favourite route in reverse

  24. Skip...let's give plyometric exercises a go. Try this If you don't have a skipping rope, jump and hop!

  25. 10 minute workout of your choice - try or whatever floats your boat!

  26. Eat...your 5 a day. You know you should - have at least 5 portions of fruit or veg in a day

  27. Do a good deed...your choice

  28. You're a many star jumps can you do in 60 seconds?

  29. Wear something red when doing your exercise ♥️

  30. It's the bingo card favourite...a naked run, walk or cycle. Leave the watch and phone at home.

  31. Treat yourself - do whatever makes you happy

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Gabrielle Newson signed up to a party

Virtual Christmas 🎄 Social with GoodGym Swindon! 🎅🏻

Tue 22 Dec 18:30 pm
*, *, Swindon, *
To have fun this Christmas with our GoodGym friends at home

Hello everyone! It's nearly Christmas and because it's been a while since we all got together for a virtual chit chat Stuart. has kindly organised a virtual social thanks to Zoom. Don't forget the mince pies and mulled wine; it's time to kick back and have a bit of a laugh!

Connect via Zoom on Tuesday at 6:30pm (check out the link below). We are guaranteed to have lots of fun and laughter then! Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact Emma here or here: Really looking forward to it everyone!

Zoom Link HERE!

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Gabrielle Newson went on a training session
Training session

Bin’ Going For a Full House

Fri 27 Nov
Report written by Tracey C

The gauntlet was thrown down to come up with a fitness task for the good folks of GoodGym Swindon. But what to do?

We settled on Running & Walking bingo. There were 20 activities to complete over a period of two weeks. The aim of the game was to keep us connected during lockdown, while supporting our fitness and general happiness levels. Activities included playing on some playground equipment on a run, running a new route, running at sunrise/sunset, enjoying an unhealthy snack after a run and many more.

So trainers were laced up, bingo cards took pride of place on the front of kitchen fridges, bingo dabbers were poised - and we were off!

There was an immediate flurry of activity with lots of squares being dabbed early on, despite the rainy conditions. More than one activity could be completed on each run so plans were hatched to fit as many into each run as possible. The activities that seemed to be causing most concern to participants were, ‘Wear your most uncomfortable pants’ and ‘Naked Run: no Strava’, except for Rhoda who seemed to be planning to run naked with some guy called Mike! We enquired but didn’t quite get to the bottom of who he was and it will remain one the great unsolved GoodGym mysteries!

We were relaxed on rules, leaving a certain amount of artistic licence to interpret and complete the activities. After all, it was really just about getting out there in the fresh air and having fun. A few notable mentions were Gina who wore her most uncomfortable pants over her leggings, superhero stylie; Richard who tried to submit a streak on his driveway; and Gaby who missed the opportunity to run in the rain so created her own with a bottle of water and colander. Gaby also lucked out on her dice roll run – when you only have a 20 sided dice you’re unlikely to get a nice short run! Well done on the 11k! Sam B also did a great job of ticking off some squares by bike with Ashleigh.

We had some brilliant Strava art including a unicorn, a spider, a swan, underpants ( a bit of a theme emerging!), a Christmas tree, the word ‘Lads', and a fishing line (!!!). And Tracey decided that wearing shorts in 2 degrees as well as wearing uncmfortable pants on a 5.5k run was worthy of having a song made up about it and sung out loud during the run.

As promised, there was a prize draw with Jo, Kirsty and David being the lucky winners. Goody bags are winging they way to them now, complete with a handcrafted medal made of ribbon .... and a bingo dabber!

A huge well done to everyone who threw themselves into the game and brought the smiles and laughs. It got us all chatting and sharing our running escapades which turned out to be more fun than expected, as well as providing a bit of motivation or change of focus for even the most regular of runners. And we have another great new photo album to add to our lovely collection!

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