We sharked the jump

5 Goodgymers helped their local community in Ealing
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Tuesday 28th November 2023

Report written by Kash

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It was the third group run in a row to Acton. We might have jumped the shark in this episode but we promise the next session will be in the opposite direction from Ealing Broadway!

The Christmas edition of the Reduce and Recycle Hub needed all hands on deck, even if those hands would be freezing. The task was a classic leafletting gig on the Acton streets. In the spirit of reusing and recycling, we went not only for a shark mural photo but also a shark-based pun - both already used back in February.

"How did 5 GoodGymers deal with 500 flyers?", you may ask. We encountered many obstacles on our journey such as "no junk mail" signs and freezing fingers that didn't do well trying to separate individual leaflets from the whole stack. Despite the temperature drop and the fact that Steph and Christos were in shorts, the score was 497 flyers distributed.

It was like an initiation - Christos

The cold made the group run a challenging one but those who managed to complete the session in such conditions now can do any task! The team stuck together till the very end and run back to Ealing Broadway to warm themselves up in a pub and meet more friends.

Session Leader
Area activator
This task supported
Reduce and Recycle Hub at Acton Market
Encouraging people of Acton to reduce and recycle their waste

We have a monthly hub of organisations and businesses that show and demonstrate how to reduce waste and recycle. More info here https://marketw3.co.uk/reduce-and-recycle-hub-come-to-acton-saturday-w3-market

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Join us on our next session
Ealing Soup Kitchen @ Leeland Road: Preparing takeaway service for homeless
🗓Today 4:00pm

Help prepare takeaway service where homeless can get food and clothes

Shami Hogarth
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Wed 29th Nov 2023 at 12:18am

Baby shark, baby shark 🦈 😍