The Grim Chippers

11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Ealing
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Tuesday 31st October 2023

Report written by Kash

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Rumour has is that Grim Chippers are prowling around Ealing Parks. On Halloween Night, three dreadful Runners of Apocalypse, Sevan, Steph Ducat and Christos ran around Walpole and Lammas Parks. Woe to those who saw them!

Ranger Jon had put tools in the haunted tool store at Rickyard. After nightfall, shovels, rakes, loppers and wheelbarrows had disappeared and then, an hour later materialised again. Some people say they saw three ghosts that night. The first ghost, Kash, is the one who always makes noise by shaking the chains at the gate. The second one, Madhan, used to be a very active GoodGymer but then disappeared almost a month ago and no one has seen him since. The third ghost called Alex was never seen in Ealing before. She was welcomed by the rest of the ghosts to the other side of GoodGym and shown how to draw terrifying ancient symbols in woodchip with a rake.

When the ghosts were scouring the tool store, a shadow sneaked on them to teach them how to scare people in shady parks. The phantom looked like Liv but it was just a shadow with no one to cast it!

The ghouls with tools entered the playground to spook some kids hanging around after dark. Empty swings started swinging with no wind to move them and all the kids ran away. The ghosts disturbed a nearby woodchip pile with shovels and, suddenly, a hand from beneath the chips thrust into the sky. A group of zombies emerged from the woodchip piles. Claire, Emily and Mike grabbed the shovels and rakes and began tirelessly dig the woodchip to revive a whole army of undead buried underneath.

The Three Runners of Apocalypse arrived, joined by the fourth one, Chris, and entered the shovelling party. The demons took wheelbarrows and spread the woodchip all around: on the paths around the playground, at the entrance and even inside the play area, covering the muddy puddles. They couldn't find the undead army, so they stopped and put the tools back in the tool store. The angered terrors cut low-hanging tree branches on the way out of the playground.

Next week the Grim Chippers will be haunting Blondin Park and searching for the undead army in the woodchip piles over there. Join them if you dare!

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