Tea rrific Ten years of Goodgym

18 Goodgymers helped their local community in Barnet
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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Report written by Paul Salman

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Eighteen goodgym runners gathered to run and do good but also in celebration of ten years of Goodgym! It’s grown from one mans idea to 15000 people looking to use their energies to help their local communities. We welcomed Samuel (possibly our youngest runner), Simon, Agnes (good luck with your Half marathon at Eden.. hopefully we helped!), and Justine. Give them a cheer! We numbered up and as is now traditional answered a simple question. This time a favoured restaurant or cafe ( Sorry I should have made notes so could you reply with your suggestion?.. they all sounded great!) Our group run was to Coldfall woods to help the friends by litter picking the recreational area. The walking group set off first lead by Fiona with the added task of distributing leaflets for Stephens House and Gardens. (A beautiful charity park with a great cafe)Then the runners set off with Damian on point and Sarah as the back marker(possibly her last as she moves abroad for work… give her a cheer!) We set off at a gentle pace and stayed together as a group. We ran through the streets and then the woods to stop at the recreational ground. We then used the flat open playing fields to do some speed work. Picking up pace for tens seconds, driving with the arms and legs and then relaxing into a normal pace for another ten seconds repeated until the end of the fields. We then gathered to meet Linda ( from the friends) who distributed pickers and bags to paired runners. It was a beautiful twilight evening to litter pick. We covered a large area and collected a good haul including a tea pot! Tea rrific! ( see evidence in photos for tea-rrible pun!) The walkers joined us and we warmed up with some aerobics ( No Good by The Prodigy) and then some static core work and lunges. We then headed home and after walking through the woods (very dark!) we split into two groups for the run home to the Pheonix. Hope you can make some of the community missions over the weekend.

Thanks for coming you were Tea rrific!

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Friends of Cold Fall Woods
Improve the environment for the enjoyment of all.

The Friends of Coldfall Wood and Muswell Hill Playing Fields are an informal group of volunteers who share a common interest in protecting and enhancing these two green spaces

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Hampstead Heath Parkrun marshalling

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Wed 18th Sep 2019 at 11:28am

Dear Paul (and Damian) Thank you for welcoming Haringey on tour GGymers, in your #GG10 Year celebrations. I loved the Barnet BOOM Box, a great uplifting end. I so enjoyed your Jane Fonda style aerobics with your Enya meditiative or was it medicinal vibes (?)... come back to Earth close... and then party pace us back to base. We're all "young at heart". Happy Birthday Barnet #GG10. Nurjehan

Redbridge runner

Wed 18th Sep 2019 at 11:59am

Nice message Nurjehan. Well don everyone on this one, the photos are great! Paul - can't go wrong with a bit of The Prodigy!