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5 Goodgymers helped their local community in Southampton
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Monday 5th February

Report written by Ellie (She/her)

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We split into two teams this evening to maximise our leaflet delivery potential. We welcomed newbie Claire to Team 1 with Wilson and Leszek. They headed off to complete streets on the right hand side to start with while Team 2, Janet and myself, headed to the left. Janet suggested we head to the pub while waiting for Team 1 to return from squirrelling away leaflets on Squirrel Drive, but they caught us up too quick! Reunited we completed the final street together. It was quite small and with many hands we think we achieved a record time to leaflet a street in about 2 minutes! So many streets, so little time so we hope to return again this month to complete the job. Great work everyone.

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Run leader
Leszek Templewicz
Claire Harding
Janet Preece
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TASK CHANGED: Garden Clean up at Shirley Warren Action Church
🗓Today 6:30pm

Make the church garden look better

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