Splashing about on the canal

10 Goodgymers helped their local community in Camden
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Tuesday 14th June 2022

Report written by Pete Hutchings

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It was a perfect hot sunny evening for a paddle along the canal.

we strapped on our buoyancy aids and after the difficult task working out if we wanted left or right paddles we made our way to the kayaks.

This was the tricky part get in and out of the boats is the point we we're most likely to fall in the water, safe say we all made it in and out ok, not with out a a few worrying moment's

A small competitive moment when we we're tasked with linking 5 boats together to form a raft and race. Congratulations to the team for linking together and steaming ahead to the bridge for the win!

it was great to meet Good Gymers from neighbouring areas and get up close with so many young coots and other waterfowl on the water.

Thank you Ritsu for the fab photos!

Session Leader
Natasha Southam
Bella Taylor
Caitlin Rollison
Pete Hutchings
Bethan Critchley
Lora Louise Walsh
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