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5 Goodgymers helped their local community in Hackney
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Wednesday 6th December 2023

Report written by Joel Wiles

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5 brilliant GoodGymers ran their way to Wilton Estate community garden to cut back all the rose bushes for the year ready for a blooming 2024!

Bit dark, bit chilly but no bother fir the GG crew this evening! Dan and Lucy joined me fir a loop of zlondon Fields befire we headed off to the great Wilton Estate community Garden where we met up with Louise and Anne.

Ulus from the garden was ready with the tools and we got going! Cutting back all the rose bushes which form the perimeter of the gardens. Ulus told us that all the rose bushes are off shoots from a single rose bush which was planted 80 years ago from one of the estates original tenants.

We pilled the cutting up high and barrowed them into a big pile ready to compost.

60 minutes of constant action and we were compete with all the bushes cut back creating more light for the ground floor residents into their flats and the rose bushes primed for blooming good 2024!!

Session Leader
Area activator
Dan Dunn
Lucy Thomas
Joel Wiles
anne malcolm
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Helping a local institution gem!

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