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11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Kingston upon Thames
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Kingston upon Thames

Tuesday 19th September 2023

Report written by Emma Crowe

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Many hands certainly made light work on Tuesday night with our Group run taking 11 Goodgymers to Save the World Club.

The local charity were in desperate need of some serious manpower to help sort and clear their Berrylands site - which is full of pre-loved items waiting to be resold - before their lease ends in a few days time.

Tariq had a long list of manual jobs for us and I can confidently say we powered through them! Lifting huge wooden boards into their van, clearing garages, loading up a skip and moving furniture including an awkwardly shaped stage and several rolls of heavy carpet and astroturf.

For a group who usually boast about their leg power, this task was quite a challenge, requiring some sheer strength! But Petra, Nathan and Dave had that in bucket loads. And of course with everyone’s enthusiasm and a few human chains, we got loads done. It was great to have Nina join us on her first task and congratulations to Doris, who completed her 10th Goodgym task.

At the end there was a treat in store, as we all got to enjoy a refreshing alcohol-free beer, courtesy of Goodgym partner Athletic Brewing Co. Cheers!

Session Leader
Nathan Turner
Emma Crowe
Claire Dunne
Andy Hoang
Petra Stockelmayerova
Tom Peacock
Rachel White
Dave White
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Winter jobs at Jubilee Square

The space is a place where people stop to meet friends, relax, eat lunch and enjoy the surrounds. Helping with keeping it attractive you will contribute to the wellbeing of local people in this important area of the community.

Farzeen Huq
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