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10 Goodgymers helped their local community in Sheffield
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Monday 26th June 2023

Report written by James Smith

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Tonight we had more first time attendees than veteran GoodGymers! No pressure to create a good first impression then! We gathered outside the Showroom and got the introductions out of the way using our usual circular sound off.... James 1, Andrew 2, Hannah 3 etc. Andrew kindly took on the role of backmarker, only requiring the very slightest bit of pressure to do so.

The taskholder for the evening was Roundabout. They provide shelter, support and life skills to young people in Sheffield. We would be helping them to paint the walls of their new residential unit to make it more pleasant and welcoming for those who will be staying there.

The run was an all uphill affair so we took it fairly steadily; no baptisms of fire here!

Upon reaching the house we were welcomed in by Janine. Whilst collectively catching our breath she explained what she wanted us to accomplish. We were to paint the entrance hallway to the residential unit, giving the building a fresh new look free of stains, thus creating a good first impression for new residents and a place they will be happy to return to.

It was quite a cramped task as folk all squeezed into the modest hall to plaster on the paint. Everyone got up close and personal, getting to know each other and bonding without much of a choice! Some people had brushes, some miniature rollers on a stick and some full-sized rollers.

Myself and Andrew stayed out of the way, occasionally popping in to take pictures; too many cooks spoil the broth and all that! We spent our time chatting to Janine about the work the charity gets up to and our past 'brushes' with them.

After a good 45 minutes of furious painting action we were all done and downed brushes. Janine offered to wash the equipment so that we could head off on time, clearly noticing how eager people were to do a fitness session!

After saying our goodbyes, we ran a short distance to the entrance gates to Norfolk Park. Here we were to partake in 'suicide sprints' up the tree-lined boulevard. Those wishing to do the fitness session lined up by the gates at the bottom of the hill to hear how it would be ran. There were lampposts spread at intervals of around 10 meters all the way up the hill. We were to sprint to the first one then jog back down to the bottom, to then sprint back up to the second lamppost before again jogging back to the bottom, and repeat this process until the 5th post was reached. All participants did a great job, and the folk not running helped out with cheering and taking photos. Super work all!

After all of this exertion we gently jogged our way back to the Showroom where we stretched off and heard announcements, namely that everyone should come up to the Barnsley group runs on a Wednesday evening each week!

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This task supported
Roundabout Ltd
We are South Yorkshire's youth homeless charity providing shelter, support and life skills to young people aged 16-24 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Every day Roundabout supports over 250 young people living in accommodation either provided by or supported by our charity. We have a new hostel and provide four key services delivering comprehensive programmes of training, involvement and empowerment which help to break the cycle of homelessness and develop long term independent living skills.

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