Refuse, reps and refreshments

7 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Friday 5th April

Report written by Vicky Hearson (she/her)

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7 goodgymers came out in the sunshine to do a spot of litter picking.

We got armed with bags and pickers and split into team Holgate park and Acomb Road. After 45 minutes we collected quite a haul including a pair of pants and a trainer!

It was Vicky's 400th good deed so she celebrated with Barbara by doing some hill reps whilst the others enjoyed a bit of sun.

We then headed to a local cafe for lunch and said our goodbyes just before the rain.

Session Leader
Paul Cawood
Vicky Hearson
Jenna Drury
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Clearing a derelict allotment or finishing the fence painting at Park Grove
🗓Today 6:15pm

Enable the allotment to be let and promote the Groves Association

PeteNicola Gover
David Barrett
17 GoodGymers are going

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