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7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Lewisham
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Monday 27th November 2023

Report written by Kim Parker

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Well done to the brave GoodGymers that made it out of the house in the rain to take part in the last minute change of task. The task for the evening was to clear our start point of litter.

Glass Mill is a windy spot and there's always litter around, sometimes even flying around if it's really windy!

The group split into pairs and 30min later we had bags and bags of rubbish. A shorter than usual group run but by no means less impactful.

Don't forget it's the Christmas Social on Friday at Bella Roma!!

Session Leader
Area activator
Lindsay Ramsey
Olivia Waller
Isaac Beevor
Julian Osman
Clare Nicholson
Kim Parker
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Help our friends at Luxmore Gardens
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Do good in our wonderful borough

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