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11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Newham
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Wednesday 5th April 2023

Report written by Brahma Pochee

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After a short hiatus from GGN yesterday was my first session post BST clock change, and I can confirm it's bloody good to have some light back, inform the press. Joined by the trio of Grace, Rahul and Shreya, who didn't travel across from Kingston, as understood after some early investigation, but in fact are Poplar residents. Thanks for supplying a triple injection of exuberance into the session - welcome back any time!

As always, we answered the RWQ prior to departure "What sound do you find most irritating?" I kicked off with chewing, the moving of saliva in someone's mouth is my own personal hell. Shreya's not a fan of work meetings, and that pesky Zoom ping that signals more video chat. Grace went for tech too, the dreaded alarm that means it's time to play Capitalism (I'm perhaps extrapolating). Hils, ever the stoic, kind of prefers not to hear the train-please teach me patience oh wise one. Louise thinks personal train conversation should be kept personal...and I get that.

We ran the urban trail to the mural where we increased by five, the lesser spotted Graham sporting off a HAIRCUT, I'm not sure why this is big news, it just is. Dimple, great to have you back chipping in, it's been a while.

A relatively straightforward job on the wall was completed in no time, but what it lacked in minutes it made up for in auditory damage, that sound scratched my soul man. However, clearly it will all be worth it when an absolutely gorgeous mural is painted on, giving some vibrancy to the area. Have a look at the Broken Windows Theory, I've come across it a couple times, but most recently in a M. Gladwell book; basically - when you make an area look better it gets treated better.

The dessert, that wasn't on the menu, but was probably perfect for our healthy numbers: moving a massive sleeper and then shifting almost a tonne of sand. Team-work was paramount and everyone slipped into place as needed, I'm still a little bit down that we didn't finish the sand, but with time I guess I'll be okay.

Thanks all for a cracking hump day and making a massive difference to a superb community space.

Next week we head to the best permaculture in the world, Get Out Garden, over in Bow. I've bullied the main man into joining and directing us, so hopefully we can help with spring cleaning. I've set it up as a Social to mark a return of light to our Wednesday hustle, let's have a beer/juice after. Sign up here

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Thu 6th Apr 2023 at 5:33pm

Was great to have you back