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4 Goodgymers helped their local community in Lewisham
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Monday 1st April

Report written by Kim Parker

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Our first group run after the clocks have changed and it was wonderful to still have daylight at the end of the group run!! We were a smaller group as numbers had lowered throughout the day, maybe too many Easter eggs.

We had the pleasure of being joined by Suki the dog, and when she wasn't off adventuring, she was keeping an eye on our bucket filling with mulch technique. On the topic of bucket filling...we were full of techniques that made us as efficient as possible.

We managed to cover the extension to the Tiny Forest in a layer of mulch avoiding all the young saplings that did a very good job of blending in.

Thanks to the Tree Keepers for joining us on their bank holiday Monday and bringing all the spades and buckets!

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Earth watch in collaboration planted saplings forest.

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Linda Gatley

Tue 2nd Apr at 2:22pm

Aw Suki loved hanging out with everyone - she curled up in her bed when we got home to sleep off the excitement!