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Monday 20th November 2023

Report written by Tom Mutton

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We had two new runners join us last night, a BIG GG welcome to:



Give them both a woop, hola, cheer and a follow!

Both Alba and Tom enjoyed the session and said they would be back for more, so it will be great to see them again soon!

This weeks task was a great one up at Heeley City Farm where we met Julie Blacker at the office, who gave us a quick run down of the evenings activities. The task was to move big wet logs from the bottom of a field, up and out of the field and into a poly tunnel where they can be dried out and cut, ready for sale to the public, with all funds going back into on site projects.

It was slippery under foot in the field where the logs were stacked so the first job was to lay down some scaffolding for us to walk and wheel our way across with barrows full of wood. We love a good plank at GG, so this was no probs at all.

We all managed a good number of loads with minimal spillage along route. We even had time to check out all of the animals on the farm including pigmy goats and pregnant pigs!

Julie was very thankful to us all and passed on her thanks from Nigel who is normally lumbered with this job..

Until next time, happy running! :)

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Heeley City Farm
Working for the community with the community

Heeley City Farm has an onsite vegan/vegetarian cafe (The Farm Kitchen), an on site Garden Centre, our eco-refurbed house and visitors centre the South Yorkshire Energy Centre, wildlife gardens, our dementia garden (Valerie's Garden), food growing area and, of course, all of our wonderful animals which you can find out in the fields, in the stables and in our Small Animal House where you can find all the little critters that inhabit the Farm

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🗓Monday 15th July 6:30pm

Helping to monitor & maintain fish passes in the River Don

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