Hole some or some hole, depends on the postfix

5 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bristol
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Saturday 11th March 2023

Report written by Bristol runner

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Can you dig it? Well… our task today was to put in some new posts. Armed with special gadgets and ingenuity we dug the holes… then re-dug them when we hit a stone. Phill showed he was a dab hand with the saw to remove the pointy bit of the post, which wasn’t needed. There was even a light bulb moment as Alice saved a bulb (nice one Alice). After cementing the posts in all that was left was a bit of planting and we were done. Time for a post task rest.

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This task supported
Jason Thorne
Phill Stone
Alice Whale
David Head
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Group Run - 25 Jun - wildlife habitat making
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Dame Emily Park will be even more friendly for wildlife

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