Getting our Rock-ery Balboa on for GG turning 10!

18 Goodgymers helped their local community in Derby
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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Report written by Dani

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18 runners from around the UK (GG Sheffiled's Kat, Andrew, Ash & Celine & GG Norwich's lone ranger, Brad, as well as 13 Derby runners) headed to a green space to support the Friends of Markeaton Park (FoMP) give a new lease of life to the rockery. On arrival, we were greeted by the wonderful volunteers who showed us the somewhat secret walled garden before we made our way, wheel-barrows & gloves in hand, to the rockery. So overgrown with no rocks in sight, some of us wondered where this illusive name had originally came from...

Alas! After 40 minutes of weeding, removing unwanted plants, clearing dead leaves & trimming (not forgetting the shaping!) of the hedge, the rocks were revealed & the rockery transformed from an abandoned, overgrown hidden-rockery for accumulating park litter, to a beautiful feature of Markeaton Park once more.

Mission achievements

  1. The equivalent of 12 hours of volunteering (wowza!)
  2. 1 extremely happy Friends of Markeaton Park volunteer group
  3. 1 rockery restored to its full & former glory
  4. 18 heroes in Derby (who's favourite colour is red, especially on t-shirts)


The location of Markeaton Park from our base at the Jurys Inn meant that we got opportunity to do a circular route to show our GoodGym tourists a little more of the city. We headed from the Jurys Inn towards the University of Derby on Kedleston Road, then cutting into Markeaton Park, admiring the huge play area (including the climbing wall & pondering a possible fitness session there) before looking for our lady-in-hi-viz near the illusive walled garden.

After our task & because we were at the rockery (this is key to the pun...) there was a Rockery-Balboa themed fitness session with Eye of the Tiger - for those 91% of you that couldn't hear it, that's what was playing on my phone! - blasting across Markeaton Park. With lots of high knees, butt kicks, planking & some air punching... because you have to, its Rock-ery!... We were ready to run back to base. Through the park, down Ashbourne Road, across the Bouncy-Bridge & to the Jurys Inn!

Fitness Achievements

  1. Total collective distance of 90km powered by foot
  2. Well over 400 high knees during the Eye of the Tiger saga
  3. 100 weeds pulled out & biceps worked


It was brilliant to be part of the celebrations flying the GoodGym flag in Derby last night & I think you'll agree we got some pretty snazzy photos on the Bouncy-Bridge! A huge thank you to the Derby tribe as well as the touring GoodGym'ers (especially Andrew for back-marking) for making the evening so splendid. Now one more time...

It's the eye of the tiger, its the thrill of the fight (weeding), rising up to the challenge of our rival (weeds)....

Have a super week everyone & see you next Tuesday for some more gettin' grubby fun & puns at Osmaston Allotments!

Dani x

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Tidying the plots and the Garden of Rest at St Matthew's Church
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Celine (she/her or they/them)

Thu 19th Sep 2019 at 10:01am

Thanks Dani for a fun evening run and rock-ery-ing it though Derby!