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Rosie Stevenson went on a group run

Tue 28th Jan 2020 at 6:15pm

Sqautters go on a treasure hunt in the dark

Derby Report written by Dani


We had the pleasure on last nights group run of heading to one of Derby's wonderful green spaces for a litter pick (AKA treasure hunt) on a local Parkrun route.

In the gloom of the evening, donning headtorches & carrying our trusty portable lights we hit the trails, starting at the one & only climb of the Parkrun circuit. In the darkness, the hill - which usually fills the Parkrunners with dread, especially on the 2nd & final lap - somehow seemed less intense. We breeeezed up it, litter-pickers in hand.

As we 'plogged' our way around the route, as well as admiring how clean & litter free Markeaton is, we noticed things about the Parkrun route that when racing over the course, runners often miss; the wooden steps offering different routes through the woods & the large lake glimmering in the street lights.

After completing one full lap & returning back to the main car park, we had a final hunt there, collecting discarded parking tickets & sweet wrappers. It's impressive how clean Markeaton Park is & excluding a few bottles of the alcoholic variety left lying around & some lost property (which we placed safely in the carpark), the park was almost litter-free - well done Derby Parks & Parkrun!


And before our plog, a warm-up, which isn't complete without making ourselves look absolutely silly outside the Jurys Inn & yesterday was no exception. Half of us squatted our butts low whilst the other half used the railing as a supported press-up zone.

Warmed up & feeling daft, it was time to run! The run out to Markeaton was a just over 2km, with another 2km steady 'plog' around the park before regrouping... And what is a large, empty carpark good for? Actually don't answer that!

Speed work, of course!

Getting into pairs, with a route laid out & illuminated, the first runners were off, putting in best efforts, evidenced in the photos of the 'blurs'! Once back, their partners sprinted around the track, putting in their best efforts too.

After 3 laps per runner, with hearts thumping & sweaty brows, it was time for a steady downhill run back to the Jurys Inn... perfect!


A short run next week, well for the GG Derby clan anyway! We're heading to Darley Abbey to support the Broadway Baptist Church with a garden tidy-up, with a total mileage of 4km.*

  • Maybe. I'm always a bit off!

Many thanks for another cracking group run & Big Loves x

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Rosie Stevenson
Rosie Stevenson signed up to a group run.

Tue 28th Jan 2020 at 6:15pm

Pauline HarrisonDani
Rosie Stevenson
Rosie Stevenson signed up to a group run.

Tue 21st Jan 2020 at 6:15pm

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