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11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Lewisham

Monday 13th November 2023

Report written by Kim Parker

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I'm not sure this has ever happened before but I have ZERO photos from Monday's group run so the photo this week is the Christmas Fayre information in case you need a remember and want to pop along to raise money for charity.

It was the same task as last week except this week we managed to loose a small group even after we ran to the spot where they might be. All good as it meant that we got some hills in.

Next week, we're heading to the Tiny Forest to tackle the last of the double digging!

Session Leader
Area activator
Louise Payton
Lindsay Ramsey
Isaac Beevor
Clare Nicholson
Matthew Tipler
Clare Griffiths
Kim Parker
Steve Lee
John Hunter
Join us on our next session
Help our friends at Seniors
🗓Tomorrow 6:45pm

Do good in our wonderful borough

Kim ParkerJulian Osman
Steve Lee
6 GoodGymers are going

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