Fooled me twice

7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Southwark
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Saturday 1st April 2023

Report written by Sam Lefevre (he/him)

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Sam arrived at 10:00 to find no one outside Kingswood House. He knew Paulin and James would be slightly late and then found out Maddie (task owner) would be thirty minutes late too.

Still, despite the later start as Aleksandra, Laura, Cat and then Jess showing up. We managed to get all the main task of sweeping and scrubbing the marble floors in the conservatory room of Kingswood House, which would turn into a mental health space with lots of plants.

Sam, Aleksandra and James all took it in turns to use the power washer to spray off the moss on the patio slabs and the difference was very visible.

Throughout the session, Jess kept on giving news that we hadn't heard like the train line from Beckenham Junction to London Bridge would be closed for five months for structural engineering works and limiting volunteering hours by law to 10 hours a week....

Sam took it all in as the truth until Jess revealed at the end, it was all an April's Fool joke...fooled me twice 😜

Session Leader
This task supported
Kingswood Arts CIC
Fixing up an old mansion into a community centre in South London!

Kingswood Arts is a new not-for-profit arts centre and cultural hub, opening in spring 2023, designed to support its local community through creativity. Located in a stunning 32 room mansion, we will offer a range of free and affordable activities, events and performances for young people and adults, involving music, drama, dance and visual arts. The beautiful house will be available for weddings, and has a number of spaces available to rent including offices, studios and workshops.

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Jess Cowie
Laura Grant
Sam Lefevre
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Volunteering @ Peckham Rye Junior Parkrun
🗓Tomorrow 8:45am

Ensuring this Junior parkrun succeeds and gives opportunity to young Parkrunners and their families

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