Shreddy, Steady, Hiit

7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Brent
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Monday 15th January

Report written by Josh Stevens

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A small group of Tabitha, Pete, Lee & Josh converged outside Beer & Burger ready to warm up. Exhaling plumes of smoke as the air reacted to the negative temperatures.

A needed light jog down to Brent Mencap to get the blood flowing where Samina was waiting patiently doing her own set of squats keeping warm. We welcomed Beatriz to their first good gym Brent session before Becca arrived to round off the group.

Half the team kept warm by running down and around Gladstone Park. Whilst the other half completed the final session off shredding copious reeves of paper. With shredders who are temperamental at best, but deliver a wondrous job with a little care and affection. The team embraced the workload with time available for a group Hiit to wrap up the session. A number of unique and new Hiit movements suggested and embraced, only best delivered to certain tunes such as Eye of the Tiger.

A final short jog back to Beer & Burger to celebrate the past birthdays of the month!

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Leading voluntary sector organisation working with people with learning disabilities.

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