A tree mendous effort!

21 Goodgymers helped their local community in Windsor and Maidenhead
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Windsor and Maidenhead

Wednesday 15th November 2023

Report written by Windsor and Maidenhead runner

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21, yes you read it correctly, 21 amazing goodgymers met at the Natures Haven Garden at front of Maidenhead Community Centre. Amy our lovely leader wasted no time in greeting us, introducing Claire C and Aleks from Nature Haven and explaining the evening’s plans before embarking on a well needed warm up session on this chilly November night.

The group divided up into a running and two walking groups, our destination was Waitrose where we donated to the Foodshare collection box.

Once back at the Community Centre the task was a continuation of our last visit, clearing more of a densely planted bank, so tools at the ready, muscles flexed, let digging commence.

Pretty soon there were whoops and cheers as root stumps were raised in the air in celebration as one by one they were liberated from the ground. As time passed numbers were randomly shouted out, 3,6, 8 !! these were the number of stumps dug out. The record was 11, and the dream team was Tony and Ben; there was nothing wooden about their performance!!

Bush-whisperer Kanika also deserves a special mention. She freed one stump by winking at it!

Mandy and Anne-Laure also worked ex-tree-mely hard in another part of the garden and after much pushing and pulling they became the proud parents of root baby twins.

Among us lesser mortals, moans and groans could be heard as we struggled to ease the root balls, who knew these shrubs had soooo many roots. Gillian was a trooper and never gave up, pulling and pushing at these pesky stumps.

And as our arms and legs tired we were rewarded with a snap and a pop, the roots came free, what a re-leaf!! another one bites the soil. We mustn’t forget all the work that clearing up gang did, depositing the roots and sweeping up all the debris.

All our hard toil was rewarded with very welcome cups of hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows. Thank you so much to Claire and Aleks for your kind hospitality.

With the happy satisfaction of completing the task, tummies full of hot chocolate and marshmallows and the faint odour of smoke in our hair we headed home. We wooden have it any other way!!

Session Leader
This task supported
Nature's Haven Community Healing Garden
Our mission is to enable our community to access and learn about the therapeutic benefits of gardening and nature.

Nature’s Haven is an outdoor retreat to escape the pressures of everyday life. We aim to give our visitors a sense of strength and protection with the intention of providing a more tranquil state of mind. Our healing garden will be filled with a variety of plants that promote a sense of wellbeing and hope. Our garden designs are based on the principles of a physic garden, focusing on the plants' inherent healing properties. It will be a place of refuge where peace, healing, distraction and stress relief is promoted. Nature's Haven will create, maintain & continue to develop healing gardens to generate an abundance of positivity. The gardens will be restorative and yet enabling too, allowing the visitor to 'simply be', reflect & be fully present in the moment and/or actively engage in gardening through our social therapeutic horticultural programmes. We will provide events and opportunities to engage as many people in our community as possible as we nurture and promote a feeling of connectedness. We champion sustainability and we are guided by permaculture principles thus avoiding synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. The gardens are designed with accessibility in mind. Wheelchairs will be able to access all areas of the garden and the paths and raised beds will help the visually impaired navigate their way around. We will also have adapted tools to assist with any mobility issues.

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Amy L
Amy L (she/her)

Thu 16th Nov 2023 at 10:32am

What a great evening! We donated lots of items to Foodshare and made a big difference at Nature’s Haven. It was also lovely to catch up with so many friends - well done team! 👏👏👏

Windsor and Maidenhead runner

Thu 16th Nov 2023 at 10:51am

Another Haven-ly evening yet again with great chemis-tree among the huge group! Instead of getting over-elm-ed by so many pee-pal, Amy did a tree-rific job of keeping everyone busy!