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Sunday 8th October 2023

Report written by Flo

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Goodgymers Michael, Lew and Flo were all out in force at Cardiff Junior parkrun today.

Flo was up at the 'College Turn' marshalling spot (so called because it is the part of the route where the runners turn that is nearest to Cardiff Met University, I know, I know, should be 'University Turn' oh well).

Michael and Lew were barcode scanning and saw the most amazing sight. One of the participants today had taken part with a pram (not unusual so far) ... which had two rabbits sitting inside it (that is unusual, and not just for Junior parkrun). Unfortunately, due to the demand for the barcode scanners due to the 158 finishers, it was difficult to find the moment to recall this wonderful sight, though Lew did manage it by the end. There were no tortoises to be seen, and these rabbits were wide awake, so not everything happens just like in the books.

Achievements today:

158 Finishers, 39 Personal Bests, 16 First-Timers, and 6 Wristband Awards

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parkrun - Cardiff juniors
It is a 2k event for juniors only (4-14 year olds)

Weekly event held in Llandaff Fields just for kids. Aims to get children out exercising and socialising in a fun environment

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