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7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Newcastle
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Monday 15th January

Report written by Anji Andrews (she/her)

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“You are the hardcore ones!”

Task owner Sara was mega impressed by our turnout on a deep freeze of a night in Newcastle, most impressive I felt was seeing new GoodGymers Zoe and Roisin for the very first time. I must also give a special mention to Seb for his first good deed in 15 months! The door is always open no matter how long between tasks.

Being mega-organised as ever, Sara had a list of jobs prepared for us tonight and gave a quick run down of what needed doing. Optional in addition to the list was stroking the horses, of course.

Zoe and Seb got straight on with sweeping the outdoor ramp while I took the baton in the January litter pick relay with a quick litter pick around the car park- these were the coldest jobs and we completed them as quickly as possible. Adam, Elliott, Aimee and Roisin were in the arena sweeping away massive cobwebs, cleaning the boards around the side and edging the arena floor. These are all physical tasks that needed a bit of welly and will definitely result in a few aching arms and shoulders tomorrow. As a side note I definitely think Adam has a career as a chimney sweep waiting as he was able to get even the highest cobwebs and didn’t stop until they were all done. We then had a brief visit to the horses and I showed everyone how ridiculously scared I am of them for no reason at all.

Continuing the “let’s stay warm” theme we opted for an indoor fitness session tonight to finish off and I led everyone through a stretch session to iron out arms, hamstrings and backs after a very physical task. A very good start to the week.

We’ve got a midweek task helping FoodCycle to deep clean their Westgate kitchen, and three community missions over the weekend! Get involved if you can.

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Flyering for a new FoodCycle centre
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