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Elliot Carrigan-Bowen
Elliot Carrigan-Bowen went on a group run

Mon 29th Apr at 6:15pm

(Broom) stick men

Newcastle Report written by Anji Andrews (she/her)

I promised this evening would be a satisfying one and it really came through with the goods!

It was a back-to-back task after also being at Stepney Bank Stables last week but we love to support them and this is one of our favourite jobs to do. It was great seeing Rob back for his second session tonight without the promise of a quad bike and cake like last week! Also interestingly tonight I was the only female GoodGymer at the session, and I don't think that has ever happened before!

It was a simple but satisfying job for us tonight as we were tasked with cobble cleaning at the top stable yard. Not the most glamorous of jobs and definitely a proper workout as you use tools and broomsticks to clear debris from deep between the cobbles. Hopefully you can see the difference in our photos- a member of staff stopped to praise our efforts too. This is one of those jobs that the regular staff and volunteers just don't get the time to complete and really makes a difference.

We finished off with some hill repeats tonight, a super workout to get legs moving, lower backs loosened off after the task and hearts pumping. Another great start to the week, and we even missed the worst of the rain.

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Elliot Carrigan-Bowen
Elliot Carrigan-Bowen signed up to a group run.

Mon 29th Apr at 6:15pm

Elliot Carrigan-Bowen
Elliot Carrigan-Bowen went on a group run

Mon 26th Feb at 6:15pm

Web Developers

Newcastle Report written by Anji Andrews (she/her)

“This turnout is massive!”

I’d had some warning last week that our group run this week would be big, and big it was, closing in on pre-Covid numbers for the first time in a while. We welcomed a massive 12 new GoodGymers from Newcastle University along to give us a go for hopefully the first time of many!

With less than perfect weather Stepney Bank Stables was a perfect setting for a big session and a great chance to show off our base to those who will be hopefully back to another session in the future. A quick recap on the weekend’s fun and sharing the plans for the sessions ahead done, it was into teams and off to work.

It’s always a varied evening with Stepney Bank Stables and tonight there was a heavy cobweb theme... we were:

Brushing and de-cobwebbing the arena

Brushing, dusting and de-cobwebbing the stable walls and doors

Carrying many many rugs from downstairs to upstairs (see photo evidence- aching arms expected tomorrow!)

Litter picking the area between the top yard, stables and car park.

Cuddling horses.

It was such a top workout for everyone tonight with everyone getting stuck in and truly making a difference you could see right before your eyes, with Task Owner Sara telling us at the end how much this session had helped to get on top of things.

Not sufficiently worn out, everyone opted IN to the fitness session which was a big team game of dishes and domes with a hill sprint forfeit. Everyone took this in very good sprits including Damu who we accidentally left standing at the top of the hill. In a tshirt. In February.

Loads of other good stuff this week ahead:

Leaflet dropping for FoodCycle Benwell on Wednesday Help out at South Shields parkrun on Saturday or with Urban Green Newcastle at Elswick Park Then on Sunday we are selling daffodils for Marie Curie in Byker As well as another Urban Green mission at Hodgkin Park .. phew !!! It is possible to do all four of the weekend community missions with a bit of careful planning but as ever even a little bit of your time can make a massive difference.

Thanks all for a brilliant start to the week. See you next week for a Plog on the Tyne followed by drinks at The Ship Inn!

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Tue 27th Feb at 3:50pm

It's alright. I think I've just about defrosted now 😅

Elliot Carrigan-Bowen
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Mon 26th Feb at 6:15pm

Charlotte Proud
Elliot Carrigan-Bowen
Elliot Carrigan-Bowen went on a community mission

Wed 31st Jan at 6:00pm

Pass-ty more leaflets please!

Newcastle Report written by Newcastle runner

I was delighted earlier today to see the weather forecast showing that the wind would drop in time for our task tonight - it wouldn't have been great if the leaflets had blown away! I was less delighted when it started to rain! I came prepared with plastic bags to avoid soggy leaflets but fortunately we were blessed with a dry, if slightly chilly and breezy evening for our task helping out the lovely people at the Guide Dogs charity.

When I arrived, two members of the group were taking advantage of our meeting point outside Greggs and were savouring that great Geordie export, the Greggs pasty - perfect sustenance for a cold dark Newcastle night!

Tummies filled, we set to work. Although I was the task force rep tonight and so perhaps could be considered the group's guide, it was very helpful to have the street layout knowledge of former local resident Elliot to guide the guide for guide dogs! With Elliot's expertise, we delivered the whole batch of leaflets, covering the streets suggested by the task owner, in under an hour - almost as satisfying as a Greggs pasty and a great end to GoodGym Newcastle's bumper January!

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Charlotte ProudAnji AndrewsAimee
Elliot Carrigan-Bowen
Elliot Carrigan-Bowen signed up to a community mission.

Wed 31st Jan at 6:00pm

Leaflet drop in Longbenton for Guide Dogs

Spread the word about fabulous four legged friends

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Elliot Carrigan-Bowen
Elliot Carrigan-Bowen went on a group run

Mon 29th Jan at 6:15pm

Power (wash) Rangers

Newcastle Report written by Anji Andrews (she/her)

What a brilliant turnout on a very wet wet wet night on the eleventy ninth day of January. A big welcome to newcomers Florence and Nok on a very impressive first session in the elements!

We warmed up with a game of copy cats while we let the walking group led by Lucy and Elliott head off ahead of us. Off we went for my first run-lead in a very long long time... three years and eleven months to be exact! Our session this evening was at the fabulous Recyke Y Bike where we are proud to have helped for over five and a half years now. This fabulous local charity does so much to support movement in local communities with workshops, donations of bikes to kids and much more. Every session here is something different and fab new volunteer coordinator Jen had a list of jobs for us including - drumroll please - the use of the power washer. A very good micro bribe for being out in the rain. Damu and Aimee jumped at the chance to do this despite the rain.

The rest of the group were on polystyrene ball duty, with the workshop full of them we were tasked with sweeping and hoovering them out from every possible corner of the enormous workshop. Aimee also managed to unclog a blocked drain despite this mot being on the to do list.

While most of the group felt they’d had a very good upper body workout we finished off with a game of pairs before heading back (still raining!) to base to call it a night.

It’s been a an enormous January for us and there’s one more chance to log a good deed this January with a leaflet drop for Guide Dogs this Wednesday in Longbenton so come along to that if you can.

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