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Monday 6th November 2023

Report written by Caprice McWilliams

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Eleanor, Daryl and Caprice met for the short Group Run to Hope Housing. The runners were met by Mark and Julie and and a van load of donations. It wasn't long before they were joined by Janet who made her own way to the session. Big congratulations were in order as tonight Janet completed her 50th good deed ❤️ Well done and hopefully she'll be rocking her black T-shirt at next week's session! Tonight's task was to sort through donations bagging up winter and summer clothing, once the bags were full they were labeled stating if the contents were men, women or children. Another successful session helping our friends at Hope Housing. One week to go until the Care Home Quiz and this month Janet will be the Quiz Master. How exciting! We hope to see you there!

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Eleanor King
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Caprice McWilliams
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Helping Hope Housing
🗓Monday 4th March 6:15pm

Assisting staff and volunteers at Hope Housing

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