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Sunday 2nd July 2023

Report written by Madhan

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Steph and Clare(from allotments) were having a chat near the entrance when I joined them with the litter pickers. I noticed some tennis balls here and there and thought they were litters that need picking.

Don't litter pick the tennis balls - Clare

Popping balloons

The first task of the day was to blow some balloons. As it was Steph's birthday this fit right into the theme. The first 2 balloons we blew, flew off and popped when they came into contact with the spiky plants in the allotments. We then started using a bin bag to hold down all the balloons. Clare then requested us to tie them to the entrance. 2 more balloons popped as there were more spiky plants. After careful planning, we managed to complete the task

Washing buckets

Two sponges, a fairy liquid, and 10 buckets were the items used in the next task. We gave the buckets a nice scrub and washed them off from an allotment nearby. The buckets are meant to be used as donation buckets.

Litter picking

After doing some bits and bobs of carrying some pieces of stuff for bbq and such we then went for the last task of the day. Steph and I loaded ourselves with litter pickers and started searching for litter. The allotment is well maintained and we rarely found any litter in the pathway meant for public use. We managed to find some litter around the bushes. As Steph and I haven't had many plans after 12:00, we stayed for a bit and helped Claire(from goodgym) label the bins.

Steph stayed till 4:30 whereas I came back for the bbq and after party at 5 pm after wrapping up my good deed at another allotment bit west.

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