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7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Tower Hamlets
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Tower Hamlets

Monday 7th August 2023

Report written by Laura Williams

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Another good sized group gathered along the wall for some body weight training before tonight's task!

We focused on some effective lower body stretches, and some brilliantly-done push-ups before moving to The New Squat Technique, The Obligatory Split-Squat Series and some dreamy Pilates roll-downs, courtesy of a delayed task start.

At a few minutes past 7, we headed around to the side of the garden to help cut back a few tree and bush branches which had crept over into the area by the bench, and near the family play area. The team worked exceptionally fast, and before long were calling out for assistance to help move the huge piles of branches.

Meanwhile Fiona and Aran were raking bags full of leaves around the front of the garden, before they headed over to the trimming team around the side of the centre.

We gathered armfuls of branches to take to the bin area, safely tucked to one side in as neat-a-piles as we could manage.

It was a great little task to be invited to help out with. Task owners Janet and Eileen oversee the Community Centre itself and this side of the garden. So when we're invited to join them for a quick gardening catch-up, it's always guaranteed to feel like a productive and fun night.

On depositing the last little pile of branches and leaves, we headed back to the bench for one last pic.

A lovely evening, everyone - you did great.

Next week we return to the GETOUT garden in Bow, for our first visit of the summer - complete with pre-task workout.

Until then.

Session Leader
This task supported
Cranbrook Community Food Garden
Cranbrook Community Food Garden is one of the best established community gardens in east London.

This award-winning garden was designed and built from a desolate children’s playground nearly 10 years ago. The garden is maintained by residents of the estate and surrounding area, and aims to bring the whole community together to create social cohesion to this corner of Bethnal Green.

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Laura Williams
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