A Tall Task

10 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bournemouth
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Tuesday 20th February

Report written by Bournemouth runner

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Ten Goodgymmers, Sophie, Emma, Millie, James, Caprice, Daryl, Oscar, Martin, Keith and Lea turned up tonight at St Augustin’s church. Ruth there had a “tall” task for us: cleaning the walls at the front of the church and hoovering curtains. Armed with buckets, cloths, towels and hoovers we put in plenty of elbow grease. A tall task?!?! Well… up to a certain height only though! Built in 1891 and a grade II listed building: the walls are higher than high and no ladders allowed. In spite of that: Lea and Keith were on bucket duty, James and James (see photo) had a blast together hoovering! Martin from Goodgym Luton blended in perfectly with the Bournemouth lot. Newcomer Oscar tucked in right away and Sophie, Emma and Millie will hopefully not have sore arms tomorrow, happily scrubbing away there. And, of course, our happy leaders Caprice and Daryl were there getting their ‘goodness-knows-how-maniest’ tasks complete! And well done Martin for spotting the mouse in the pews… At the end of our mission the (lower part of the) walls shone brightly! Thanks everyone for all your hard work.

Emma Cuff
Sophie Cuff
Milly Corden-lloyd
Martin R
Keith Baker
Daryl Venner
Caprice McWilliams
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Caprice McWilliams

Wed 21st Feb at 7:31pm

Yay. Nice report Lea😊👍

Martin R

Wed 21st Feb at 7:37pm

Great fun. Lovely to spend the evening with you all

Keith Baker

Wed 21st Feb at 9:05pm

There was a mouse dancing on the pew..... he enjoyed the task too.

James (He/Him)

Thu 22nd Feb at 10:45am

Had a blast with you all scrubbing away at that dank mold! 😄