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Gardening and clearing at St Augustin’s church
🗓Thursday 6:00pm

📍St Augustin Church BH2 6NU

Nicer surroundings for church visitors

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Milly Corden-lloyd
Milly Corden-lloyd went on a group run

Mon 15th Apr at 6:15pm

Folds a lot of promise

Bournemouth Report written by Caprice McWilliams

Tonight's session was to help our friends at Hope Housing. Daryl and Caprice ran to the session where they were joined by Milly, Sophie, Emma and Eleanor. With summer just around the corner it was time for their charity shop to swap from winter stock to summer collection. The group got to work sorting bags of donations, placing summer clothing into their labeled box. The group agreed it was a very satisfying task, seeing the boxes fill in no time at all. Women's tops and dresses seemed to be the most popular donation. Once all the bags were distributed between the large plastic boxes the GoodGymers said their goodbyes. Hope Housing have asked for our help with some gardening and some point so watch this space for more details!

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Caprice McWilliams
Milly Corden-lloyd
Milly Corden-lloyd signed up to a group run.

Mon 15th Apr at 6:15pm

Helping Hope Housing

Assisting staff and volunteers at Hope Housing

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Milly Corden-lloyd
Milly Corden-lloyd signed up to a community mission.

Thu 25th Apr at 6:00pm

Milly Corden-lloyd
Milly Corden-lloyd went on a community mission

Sun 7th Apr at 10:00am

Old School of Painting

Bournemouth Report written by Bournemouth runner

This morning, eight Goodgymmers Emma, Sophie, Milly, James, Sue, Daryl, Keith and Lea, met at TOSH eager to get going. We spread out as several rooms needed painting. Keith was master filler again, looking for holes and making them disappear. Daryl attacked the kitchen backsplash with vigour, so that it shone after he had finished. James opted for the atrium as he spends a lot of time in there during his workshops. And as he said: “then I can look at the room and think: I painted that!”. You certainly did, James. Sue was filling holes as well as painting in the atrium. And Millie, Sophie and Emma, who amazingly managed to get there in spite of busses not turning up, concentrated on painting the meeting room. All this very much appreciated by Cora and Holly who supplied us with delicious Monkey Bread and Garlic and Chilli Jam knot bread…. And with a treat like that, we were left wondering: “when is our next task here?!?!”

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Caprice McWilliamsSophie Cuff