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11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Liverpool
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Monday 20th November 2023

Report written by Sophie McClellan

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After a short run from Hope Street, 3 runners were met by 8 more goodgymmers.

This week, we were back at Mulgrave Street Action Group Community Garden where, once again, Khan had a mammoth task for us.

Armed with bagfuls of daffodil bulbs and a few trowels, we set to work on the small patch of grass in front of the garden. Digging and planting until the whole patch was filled.

With the help of new recruit Lee and visiting Londoner Emily we manged to plant four big bags of bulbs - cant wait to see it in the spring for a true William Wordsworth moment!

Well done everyone - it's great to see the impact of the garden expanding!

Session Leader
This task supported

Community group set up by 14 year old Khan Odita to deliver initiatives in Toxteth and around Liverpool

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Lee Brockbank
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Julie Inge
Lucien Dobel-Ober
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Steph Willshaw
Pauline Harrison
Sophie McClellan
Jake Madgwick Lawton
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Clearing the Japanese Gardens in Festival Gardens
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Visitors will be able to access the garden more easily and see the beauty of the gardens.

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