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Bobby B
Bobby B went on a community mission

Mon 29th Jan at 8:32pm

Mud_Mud_Glorious Mud..Nothing quite like it the sound of.....Pond Restoration and Hedgelaying

Norwich Report written by Bobby B

On Monday as part of the January Challenge I spent a good part of the day helping the Conservation Volunteers clear the pond opposite Cow Tower a prestigious site on the Riverside Walk to the city. Instead of going to the gym I dragged thick Pond Mud from the cleared pond margins to help create a living Hedge on the borders. A bit like waddle and daub. This was hard knackering work but I really enjoyed it and was much better being outside in nature. Swans nearly ate my lunch.

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Steven Hitcham
Bobby B
Bobby B went on a group run

Sat 6th Jan at 8:30am

Sliding into 2024

Norwich Report written by Steven Hitcham

It goes to show that runners really don't care what the weather or conditions are like. GoodGym Norwich did a Catton parkrun takeover, so luckily we didn't have to run it ourselves but a few hundred people did run/walk through mud and puddles to complete their 5km.

I don't think many of them would have returned home mud free.

Well done to all the GG volunteers who took on several of the volunteering roles today. Next week we're at Sloughbottom parkrun for a takeover there.

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Steven Hitcham

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Sun 7th Jan at 10:54am

Loving the look on Rory’s face 😆

Bobby B
Bobby B went on a community mission

Mon 1st Jan at 8:30am

Happy New Year

Norwich Report written by Elizabeth H

With the other Norwich area Parkrun cancelled today we had an idea there would be extra people attending today, yes 468 turned up. As Timekeeper I was a bit apprehensive, as was the other Timekeeper. We kept in sync but held our breath each time a large group came through! Bobby was number checker so we worked together double checking we were in sync with the token number, we were 1 out but it turned out 2 tokens were stuck together. Lots of Goodgymers out today, Bill (running his 200th run) with Katy cheering him on, Emily,Brad, Rob R, Susanna, Liam, Rachel, Kathryn, Roisin, Simon RJ. Well done each and everyone of you. See you Saturday at Catton Parkrun Goodgym takeover

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Steven Hitcham
Bobby B
Bobby B went on a group run

Mon 18th Dec 2023 at 6:00pm

Tis’ the season to be jolly, falalalalalalalalala

Norwich Report written by Steven Hitcham

It was our last Group Run of 2023 and what an amazing one it was.

15 of us visited the tenants at Redmayne View Housing with Care, for an evening of Christmas Carols.

Congratulations to Tasha Watts who was completing her 100th good deed!

We mingled in with the tenants with a cup of mulled wine, warmed up the vocal cords and began a festive evening of joy.

Many a carol was sung including classics such as 'Away in a Manger', 'O Come on ye faithful', '12 Days of Christmas' and 'We wish you a Merry Xmas'.

It really was the perfect end to an awesome year for GoodGym Norwich.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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Steven Hitcham
Bobby B
Bobby B went on a community mission

Sat 9th Dec 2023 at 10:05am

Lop, (rain) drop(s) and roll.

Norwich Report written by Woody

It was a very wet morning this morning, 4 good gymers attended the task making up the total numbers to 15 which is very impressive for such a wet day.

Our main goal was to cut back brambles and some other foliage with the aim of making space for the orchard in the Wild Lakenham area. We had to be quite spread out due to the tools we used but we were also ably assisted by at least 3 dogs who were breaking down twigs very well.

Rose and Bobby subbed each other out halfway through the taks so we didn't get a photo all together, but hopefully I can add to the few photos we have already later on.

Onwards and orchards.

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Steven HitchamEmily
Bobby B
Bobby B signed up to a community mission.

Sat 9th Dec 2023 at 10:05am

Orchard prep for the Wild Lakenham Orchard

Improving access to green spaces, community food

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Bobby B
Bobby B went on a group run

Sat 18th Nov 2023 at 10:15am

Rubble Trouble

Norwich Report written by Steven Hitcham

After a wet and soggy Sloughbottom parkrun, the rain continued in the morning as we helped to clear a new community garden area in Mile X.

A new fence is securing the garden area, but before that can be completed, there was a large pile of DIY waste we needed to clear out of the way, as well as clearing areas within the garden.

As always we got stuck in straight away. I have to say, during all my all years of GoodGym Norwich, I'm not sure I've seen an overgrown area cleared so quickly. We really did make massive inroads.

We hope the project continues to progress and hop to contribute again in the future.

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Jimmy MitchinsonSteven Hitcham
Bobby B
Bobby B went on a community mission

Sat 18th Nov 2023 at 8:30am

Um(brella) it was torture out there

Norwich Report written by Elizabeth H

To say it was raining was an understatement! Heavy , constant rain it certainly was, puddles all over the place, Catton “lake” was tremendous. Still, 141 people turned up, all be it most sheltered under the trees until the call to go to the start. The biggest shout out was most definitely to ALL the volunteers today, turning out in a vast array of items to keep themselves dry. I was Timekeeper which is a difficult role to master, keeping your phone dry whilst the other hand is tapping people through, no hands free to hold an umbrella! I managed to master the art by shoving the umbrella handle into my coat! It did work to an extent 😂 our own Goodgymer Rob Riley was 1st over the finish, all be it a very wet, muddy, bedraggled person. (see photo) Well done Rob, Most finishers got their barcode scanned and rushed off home, for a hot shower or bath I imagine, certainly there wasn’t many hanging around at the end. No que at the coffee truck after my shift, result.

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Steven Hitcham