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Miguel Rodrigues
Miguel Rodrigues went on a mission

Sun 13th Aug at 11:00am

Weedy & Trimmy Sunday

Lewisham Report written by Miguel Rodrigues

All was well on a beautiful Sunday morning, when I made my way to Mrs A' house. I had a very warm welcome, some instructions on what to do, put on my gloves and got to work! Mr A has a beautiful corner in this world but need some love and care!! After moving some pots, trimming back some plants, plucking out some weeds, my mission was done!! And to top the lovely hospitality of Mr A, got treated to some Elderflower and some water!! All is well in the world!!

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BeckySam LefevreKim Parker

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Birmingham runner

Mon 14th Aug at 11:23am

Well done, Miguel!

Miguel Rodrigues
Miguel Rodrigues signed up to a mission.

Sun 13th Aug at 11:00am

(Flexi-mission*) Weeding and trimming plants to provide peace of mind for Ms A (Wk1)

Ms A would like to enjoy their garden again but due to their health they can't do it themselves

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Kim Parker
Miguel Rodrigues
Miguel Rodrigues went on a mission

Sat 22nd Jul at 12:00pm

"Do you have anything sharper? Maybe a teaspoon?"

Lewisham Report written by John Hunter (he/him)

Miguel and John met Mrs L who had craftily organised to borrow her neighbour's brown bin ('they're £7!') ahead of a major trimming sesh.

First up were the brambles ("not the ones with the blackberries on") ✅ then a "strange small tree" (we had no idea either). ✅ It was not plain sailing, however, as the one pair of hedge trimmers available were as blunt as a Blunt family reunion, and about as effective as slapping the plants with a tea towel.

Cue an emergency break to completely dismantle the choppers (ball bearings EVERYWHERE), stick the handles back on (they fell off again) and sharpen them on a brick. ✂️🧱🙃

The onset of rain only fuelled our fire, and by the end of the session, two of the garden's three borders were cleared and tidied. The gnomes could see daylight again! People could use the path! The strange small tree was slightly smaller!

Now all we need is some sunshine for Mrs L to get out into her yard and enjoy all that space. 🌞

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BeckyKim Parker
Sam Lefevre

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Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him)

Sat 22nd Jul at 4:03pm

I really love a John Hunter report. Cracking stuff guys 😅

John Hunter
John Hunter (he/him)

Sat 22nd Jul at 11:42pm


Miguel Rodrigues
Miguel Rodrigues signed up to a mission.

Sat 22nd Jul at 12:00pm

Hedge Trimming for Mrs L (WK1)

She is worried about being burgled, and not seeing them enter her premises. So this will help her feel safe, as she will be able to see out onto the street.

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Kim Parker