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Ignatius-Roy Hillcoat-Nalletamby
Ignatius-Roy Hillcoat-Nalletamby has done their first good deed with GoodGym. 😎

Monday 8th January

GoodGym Runner

GoodGym Runner

Ignatius-Roy Hillcoat-Nalletamby has done their first good deed with GoodGym.

Ignatius Roy is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Ignatius-Roy Hillcoat-Nalletamby
Ignatius-Roy Hillcoat-Nalletamby went on a group run

Mon 8th Jan at 6:30pm

Baby Bank Business

Redbridge Report written by Peter Van Tongeren

What better way to start the new year than with perhaps the favourite task - visiting the Baby Bank at the Cornerstone Church.

Well, how about the delight of meeting the wonderful Iggi for his first ever Goodgym session? And there was the added pleasure of welcoming Ben & Fiona for their first GG Redbridge adventure! Do give them all a cheer!

Oh yeah, we had another visitor... sorry Ivo, no top billing this night!

Back to business. As per usual, it was a nice mix of walking & running & cycling that got all 9 of us down to the church, where Adam was waiting with a box & several bags of clothing to be sorted, plus the offer of tea & coffee. Whether it was down to people getting their eye in, or just a bit of a poor batch, but unfortunately there was more than the average amount of clothing not meeting the standards. But fear not, nothing goes to waste, even discarded items will find a home, such as being recycled.

All sorted and tidied up, it was time for everyone to make their way back / home / other places, job well done.

P.S..... did you know that Linda did her 500th task the other day?? She kindly brought cookies to celebrate!

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Ignatius-Roy Hillcoat-Nalletamby
Ignatius-Roy Hillcoat-Nalletamby signed up to a group run.

Mon 8th Jan at 6:30pm

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