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Area Activator for Goodgym Bath. I love all things running and being immersed in nature. I'm partial to long distance trail races


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Run to Alice park and help with gardening tasks
🗓Sunday 21st April 10:00am

📍In front of the Holburne Museum BA2 4DB

Help the community with their vegetable garden

Helen ConnerMeyrick Williams
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Helen Conner
Helen Conner (she/her) went on a community mission

Tue 9th Apr at 6:30pm


Bath Report written by Meyrick Williams (He/Him)

Once upon a time, on a slightly windy and far too cold Tuesday evening in April, 4 adventurous GoodGymmers, Richard, Tanya, Helen and Meyrick ventured out once again to help the British Heart Foundation in their annual book moving exercise.

To explain, there are two British Heart Foundation shops in Bath, you could almost call them Bookends to each other. One has a giant storage room in the basement, the other does not. I guess, over the year, book donations build up in the one that can't store much and a tipping point is reached. That is where GoodGym step in.

We've done this for them over the years many times, and all that is required is that we move books from one shop to another. It's a short walk for sure, but the books are heavy. Usually they have a logistical solution for us, and this year it was in the shape of a massive wheelie bin.

In truth, the mighty GoodGym could have carried all the books across by hand well within the hour we had to complete the task, but the wheelie bin helped speed up delivery time and we were done in half an hour. Client satisified, we made our way home and everyone lived happily ever after.

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Helen Conner
Helen Conner (she/her) went on a community mission

Sun 31st Mar at 8:40am

Odd Down at Easter

Bath Report written by Meyrick Williams (He/Him)

It was Easter Sunday, and another week at Odd Down Junior Park Run for three eager GoodGym bunnies. The Junior 'arm' of GoodGym provides juniors with a chance to regularly run a 2km run before they age up to the full 5k adult Park Runs around the world.

Great locations as well, with the Odd Down Sports Area providing a perfect running track for the disance required.

It was Easter though, so priorities that morning may have been elsewhere. Nonetheless a crown of about 3 kids attended, with your GoodGymmers Helen, Ruth and Meyrick acting as marshalls to both ensure safety and provide vocal support for our young athletes.

Yes there were bunny ears worn, provided by Ruth, with hopefully much in the way of chocolate rewards for the runners (and the marshalls) when they returned home.

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Helen Conner
Helen Conner (she/her) went on a group run

Tue 26th Mar at 7:15pm

To me, to you! Goodgym channel the Chuckle Brothers at the Nest Project in Bath

Bath Report written by Ruth

It’s always a joy to visit the Nest Project. They support families facing financial pressure by donating clothing, equipment and toiletries for under fives in Bath and North East Somerset.

For GoodGym Bath it’s a wonderful opportunity to help out and get to see some seriously cute clothes. I came across a tiny bear coat with separate paw bootees. I wish I’d taken a snap as it was adorable. I’m sure the child who gets it will look even more sweet.

The team at the Nest told us that demand for their service is higher than ever. Parents are asking for help with things like wet wipes and toiletries as well as clothes for their little ones. The project gets referrals from the various Foodbanks across the area and is also able to direct families to aid if necessary.

They do get some interesting requests. Recently they were approached by one mum who had twins unexpectedly. The Nest supplied a cot so she had somewhere for both her babies to sleep.

Our main job - once we got to the site after a quick jog from Victoria Park - was to move boxes of donations from downstairs to upstairs and back again. Every six months or so there’s a bit of a turnaround at the project, putting winter clothes away and getting out the summer collection and vice versa.

There was a bit of sorting and some major juggling of boxes to fit them in the various spaces. It was a bit like a game of Tetris.

There was even a major Chuckle Brothers moment as Richard and new GoodGymer Martin freed up some space on top of the cupboards and made safe some precariously stacked chairs.

Everyone survived and we were able to run back knowing we’d done a good Goodgym job.

A special welcome to Sarah, who was also on her first mission, and well done to Tanya, Kate and Helen for their hard work too.

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Helen Conner
Helen Conner (she/her) signed up to a community mission.

Sun 7th Jul at 10:00am

Help at Odd Down Fun Day

last year the event attracted over 1,500 people who had a good time also many charities attend and raised money

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Helen Conner
Helen Conner (she/her) signed up to a community mission.

Tue 30th Apr at 6:30pm

Helen Conner
Helen Conner (she/her) signed up to a community mission.

Tue 9th Apr at 6:30pm

Helen Conner
Helen Conner (she/her) went on a group run

Sun 24th Mar at 10:15am

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Meyrick Williams

Sat 23rd Mar at 5:59pm

For those of you meeting at the Sports Centre for the run to the mission, here is a link to the run route we will be taking, (you will need to copy and paste the link as it is not clickable in this field:

Meyrick Williams

Sat 23rd Mar at 5:59pm


Meyrick Williams

Sat 23rd Mar at 6:02pm

Weather tomorrow: After a bright, dry and sunny start to the morning it will cloud over a little for the mission itself but the good news it that it will be dry. Temperatures slightly cooler than we saw earlier in the week, around 8°C and 9°C due to the northwesterly breeze.

Helen Conner
Helen Conner (she/her) went on a community mission

Sat 23rd Mar at 12:00pm

Hail to the Goodgymers who weeded and got board

Bath Report written by Ruth

GoodGym Bath helped out at the Genesis Foodbank only recently but are always happy to come back if needed.

This time we were asked to deal with the weeds on the driveway- not only are they ugly, they also set off the alarms on the delivery trucks. Not ideal in the heart of the busy neighbourhood that is Oldfield Park.

We set to with a rather impressive edging tool and a common or garden trowel and made good progress until the hail came down in force.

Your intrepid team had to run for cover. We didn’t waste any time though - Hilary from Genesis had us collapsing cardboard boxes for recycling. They had held donations for the Foodbank, which helps people in Bath who are struggling during the cost of living crisis.

The skies cleared and we were able to clear a bit more path before home time. There’s still a bit more to do and no doubt we’ll be back before too long.

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Helen Conner
Helen Conner (she/her) went on a group run

Thu 14th Mar at 6:30pm

Fancy that

Bath Report written by Helen Conner (she/her)

6 Goodgymers headed to Genesis to help sort a variety of donations into fancy products and practical products. Some products were more obvious than others, whilst others, we had to guess the object in an attempt to classify it!

It took us just one hour to work through a mountain of boxes to sort into crates ready for other charities.

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KateRuthTanya Lock
Helen Conner
Helen Conner (she/her) went on a group run

Sun 10th Mar at 10:00am

Setting our boundaries!

Bath Report written by Helen Conner (she/her)

With lots of furry friend visitors to the park, we were asked to create a natural boundary hedge to protect a flower bed. Using willow we twisted and weaved the willow around existing posts to create a decorative hedge.

It took us just 1 hour and you can see from the photos that it's quite decorative :)

Well done team

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Helen ConnerTanya Lock