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Ella Jeffries
Ella Jeffries (She/her) went on a training session

Sat 21st Oct at 8:45am

Puddle Parkrun

Colchester Report written by Tav (he/him)

Some fresh air and muddy legs. GOOD MORNING!

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TavEm Donnachie
Ella Jeffries
Ella Jeffries (She/her) went on a group run

Wed 11th Oct at 6:45pm

Fourmidable clean up crew...

Colchester Report written by Ella Jeffries (She/her)

An indoor task for a drizzly night? OK then...

Frazer's 12 Hill runs was the perfect warm up for a brisk walk and a work out whilst cleaning.

Our task tonight was to clean up the former home of Level Best Art Cafe, D'Arcy House. It was quite strange working around some old art work, a few remaining tables and chairs and the old coffee machine. We have some good memories in this building, from Valentine meals to wrapping Christmas presents so I can't imagine how much the clients of Level Best achieved here. And as you can almost see in the photos, they have moved on to an amazing new cafe and gallery. Well worth a visit for a great coffee, cake and jacket potato. (Not to mention the Xmas pickles)

Well done us!

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Em DonnachieTavSevanHelenCharlotte ProudFrazer
Ella Jeffries
Ella Jeffries (She/her) went to a social

Sat 16th Sep at 11:00am

A 7 year journey...some reflections

Colchester Report written by Tav (he/him)

Seven years ago I went along to this thing called Goodgym to see what it was all about...I liked it, the people were interesting and humble and that evening we made a big impact on a local churchyard. As a participant I got to know my town better, I got to know the skills and enthusiasm people brought to Goodgym not to mention the improvements to my physical and mental health.

In 2016 I was coming towards the end of a BA in Social Work. I was supported by my family but nevertheless it was time when I had to complete 170 days of unpaid placements in a stressful job. It was and still is a job that make you appreciate the charities that Goodgym support. It is those charities that help glue together what is a depleted health and social care system.

But this is a celebration and Goodgym to me is like a weekly Pride or a peaceful protest in its beautiful simplicity and the way it stands as a role model. I have been thinking about the highlights but I think this report would be too long. Here's a summary:

  • new friends (and love)
  • painting rooms
  • digging allotments
  • planting bulbs
  • wrapping presents
  • singing Christmas Carols
  • running races
  • marshaling Parkrun
  • coach running
  • supporting refugees
  • going to Shindigs
  • Goodgym Games/Olympics

I could go on but fast-forward to Goodgym today and it has grown in strength and what it stands for. There is a strong environmental drive, a proven improvement in members health and a national weekly measurable impact.

The next chapter is still to be written. Colchester became a city and the role of charities has increased in necessity. Our city has become an vibrant contrast...a new restaurant and cafe vibe, theatre, arts and music shining through but homelessness and poverty also still rising. Colchester has many socially and environmentally conscious people but a sense disconnect and difference also exists.

I hope Goodgym can grow and keep being useful.

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TavCharlotte Proud
Ella Jeffries
Ella Jeffries (She/her) went on a group run

Wed 13th Sep at 6:45pm

All the litter...

Colchester Report written by Tav (he/him)

All the litter So much litter We all go bin bag in hand Litter picker in hand through their parklife! (Think Blur)

Firstly, well done to Frazer for a 1.47hour Great North Run. Boom.

Secondly, thank you to the weather for being a bit more September-like!

The four of us completed a litter circuit through the Dutch Quarter and Castle Park finding socks, a slipper, vapes, a nappy, beer bottles, cider cans and food packets galore...most of it a short distance from a bin!!

Until next time - over and out from Good Colchester.

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TavCharlotte ProudHelenFrazerSevan
Ella Jeffries
Ella Jeffries (She/her) signed up to a group run.

Wed 13th Sep at 6:45pm

Ella Jeffries
Ella Jeffries (She/her) went on a community mission

Sat 9th Sep at 12:00pm

Jurassic fun at ALR festical

Colchester Report written by Tav (he/him)

A ridiculously hot day in Essex for the Anti Loo Roll Festival but a great event nonetheless.

We were stationed at the kids zone and asked to help out with the dinosaurs!! Not your average task but the kids loved meeting the two impressive Velociraptors...imagine how hot it was inside those suits!!

Whilst we helped we had the pleasure of listening to local band Stiff in the Morning and tributes to the VengaBoys, Boy George and the real thing - noughties soul sensation Lemar!

I think Em is still on cloud 9 after reliving hits like 50/50, Dance and If there's any Justice.

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Ella Jeffries
Ella Jeffries (She/her) went on a group run

Wed 30th Aug at 6:45pm

3 - that's the magic number

Colchester Report written by Tav (he/him)

Three, that's the magic number (Three) Yes, it is, it's the magic number (Three) Somewhere in this Goodgym soul community Was born three: , Tav Ellaand Bob. And that's the magic number.

A work out that cleaned a whole warehouse with great people.

Triple whammy.

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TavCharlotte ProudEm Donnachie
Ella Jeffries
Ella Jeffries (She/her) signed up to a group run.

Wed 30th Aug at 6:45pm

Charlotte ProudEm Donnachie
Ella Jeffries
Ella Jeffries (She/her) went on a group run

Wed 23rd Aug at 6:45pm

House of games...

Colchester Report written by Ella Jeffries (She/her)

Quick question...who ever thought gravel or stones where a good idea for a garden? Well no matter as Goodgym Colchester's crew scurried around the lovely garden at Charles Smith House to make it beautiful...and ready for the Autumn drop!

Another warm summer evening and a sunset session as six community minded goodgymer, plus bumps, enjoyed a chat whilst we tidied.

It turns out that our Community Mission with the Anti Loo Roll Brigade is more than just a task for Em as she aims to marry pop star Lemar!

We will see!!!

Task done, we went on our way with a skip in our steps.

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TavSevanFrazerEm DonnachieHelen
Ella Jeffries
Ella Jeffries (She/her) signed up to a group run.

Wed 23rd Aug at 6:45pm