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Tue 25th Apr at 6:15pm

Cake-y Break-y Art

Bristol Report written by Melanie Young (she/her)

The skies were HUGE over Bristol as GoodGymmers set about walking and running from Queen Square across to Southville to help BS3 Community tidy the outside space at the Community Centre that has a nursery by day.

Painting was soon underway with a competition of which could be painted first, the teepee* with sides or the teepee* climbing frame without sides. Most painted with modern brushes whilst Caroline branched out with a stick. Vaguely Northern Darren took some very artistic photos and High had come up trumps with late Easter treats of cupcakes that were the cause of our Cake Break. All tasks should have one.

Raquel showed her painting (and clambering) skills alongside Dora and Richard (who may have posed for a photo by the freshly-painted bench).

We were so pleased to see Chris back with us that he was in most of the photos whilst Frances showed an uncanny knack to hide from the camera. David and Ed were kept busy disrupting worms by sweeping up leaf mulch - sorry Lucas.

The run back was marred only by workout's café/bar being shut for a two-week refurb so it was an early night for our GoodGymmers after much good deeding.

*I have tried to research if this is cultural misappropriation or outright rude but the internet had more articles suggesting fact than faux pas so let me know if I've gotten it wrong.

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Olivia WallerMelanie Young
Doris Loga
Doris Loga signed up to a group run.

Tue 25th Apr at 6:15pm

Group Run - 25 Apr - to Southville, for late Easter treats

The centre in Southville, Bristol will be even more lovely

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