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62, married with two adult sons and now semi retired. Keen club runner and fully qualified in 2017 as a Coach in Running Fitness


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Stairway to Heaven take 2
šŸ—“Friday 10:00am

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David Snutch
David Snutch went on a community mission

Sat 28th Jan at 8:30am

Great time had by many

Leicester Report written by Sarah Horner

Our last event of the January Challenge and what a fantastic turnout of Goodgymers supporting Watermead parkrun, with Dave taking on the top spot once again and doing a grand job, mentioning what we do, a few people asked me at the end about joining and one had been to the running show and met GoodGym Birmingham and Solihull.

Jimmy Riley battles on for his 300km crown by running to Watermead aswel as getting a sub 20! Unbelievable running I think there is much more to come from Jimmy.

Running legend Ricky Aggarwal celebrated his 100th parkrun, getting pics with many Goodgymmers, such an inspiring runner in our community. Mel took on as many parkrun roles as humanly possible, a real boost to see familiar faces around the course, thanks for the support all, you helped me reach a pb!

We also had Jimmy M at Braunstone and Huw at Bosworth, weldone all I had a great time at Watermead and have had a super filled January!

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Gwyn WilliamsAbul ChoudhurySarah Horner

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Abul Choudhury

Sat 28th Jan at 3:07pm

Loved it šŸ˜Š

David Snutch
David Snutch went on a group run

Fri 27th Jan at 10:00am

Stair way to heaven

Leicester Report written by Sarah Horner

As January closes in, this fantastic 7 met at the Urban Garden, an ongoing project planned by E2 Online, building the dream for nature and local community to enjoy the beautiful garden in the middle of an estate in Leicester.

Today's task was to make a start on the steps made from wooden sleepers, the team knew exactly what to do once they had a teethy saw.

Digging, sawing, moving sand bags, screwing, litter picking, ivy sawing, complete engineering job and work out included. The team were on a mission, the guys not leaving until the job was complete.

Their pure determination, sweat and tears has truely amazed me, the things you can achieve working as a team, the stair way to heaven.

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Gwyn WilliamsJimmy Mitchinson
David Snutch
David Snutch went on a group run

Thu 26th Jan at 6:00pm

Reach for the sign

Leicester Report written by Sarah Horner

The task was to help Sustrans cleaning the National Cycle Network signs along route 6 down Great Central Way. Meeting in the city centre to clean all the signs we could reach along the way.

To be honest alot of the continuous markers (white with small 6's) all need replacing and hadn't arrived in time, so we litter picked whilst getting fit, filling a full bag of grot that smelt like a brewery.

We chatted about the upcoming Leicester 10km which Mel, myself and newest member David is also running, great to have your company this evening and hope to see you on another task. Good luck both, enjoy and take in the streets cheering as energy as you run through the city centre!

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Gwyn WilliamsSarah Horner
David Snutch
David Snutch went on a community mission

Wed 25th Jan at 11:30am

Food for thought

Leicester Report written by Sarah Horner

3 strong GoodGymmers arrived at Holly Trinity Foodbank, with a que of people waiting for opening time. Their fellow volunteer showed us the ropes and we quickly got our act together as a team to serve people in need of essential foods.

35 people and their familes in Leicester cith centre will have their essential food supplies tonight, many asked for baby products too, that were in short supply.

Mel pointed out how we have seen the whole process now from the donations collected at Watermead parkrun she carried to Asda, collected by Trussel Trust South Wigston to be sorted into crates for singles and families, even microwave and kettle crates for people without ovens.

It is truely heart warming the service foodbanks give to members of our community in greatest need. The HTL foodbank are in desparate need of volunteers, which we were honoured to help them with, especially when their well loved volunteer who is there every week needs a hand time off, the crates are heavy for one person, feel like my strength work out is complete for today.

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Gwyn WilliamsJimmy Mitchinson
David Snutch
David Snutch went on a community mission

Sun 22nd Jan at 8:30am

Sonic and Tails

Leicester Report written by Sarah Horner

4 cheerful GoodGymmers supported the Aylestone junior parkrun team this morning, watermead was sadly canceled.

We had Mel and Dave wearing their tails, Huw being the responsible time keeper and me barcode scanning.

A huge number, 59 youngsters braved the cold to run around Aylestone recreation park, so many flying around just like sonic all having fun and enjoying themselves which is what it is all about and why we like to support the volunteer team who are there every week. I was inspired by one lady who litterpicks before and after helping every week, her dog helps her sometimes.

Huw and myself were keen to pull in the marathon miles, Huw ran his long run before helping and I did a Vol sandwich by running there, helping then running back, just under 10 miles. Weldone all enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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