Penn Rd Residents Association

Penn Road Residents Association is a group formed of the residents of Penn Rd, N7 London; we work together to make the garden at the end of the street a community space and organize a summer and winter party for residents and gardeners
We were the first community group to get a contract from Islington Council to maintain the garden at the end of our street, and have made it useable for the residents and a beautiful space for the community to enjoy

42 GoodGymers have supported Penn Rd Residents Association with 28 tasks.

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Like a Moped to a Flame

Sunday 26th May

Written by Sevan

Sevan was back at Penn Road Gardens for the first time in ages. Arriving a bit early, he did a quick litter pick until others arrived. While tidying up, he found some cultured snails gathered round a biography of Stalin!

The residents told of the exciting/concerning event that had taken place since last month's volunteering session. A scooter had been dumped and set on fire next to the equipment shed. The residents had reacted quickly to damp down the flames and London Fire Brigade had arrived in a speedy 6 minutes. Still, there were plenty of signs of singeing on the nearby bushes.

Sevan spent the whole session in the area of the fire, trimming back anything burned or that'd withered in the heat. The advice to him was, if you're not sure, cut it back anyway

"It [the rose bush] looks unsightly. Cut it right back. If it survives, it survives. If not, it's a new planting opportunity" - Local resident

A few charred scooter parts were found too and binned while everything organic was fed to the wood chipper to have a second life as compost.

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Simon Fitzmaurice
Ines BDan DunnByron Heffer

Project Penn

Sunday 28th April

Written by Dan Dunn (He/ him)

5 GoodGymers joined the residents of Penn Road Gardens to help out with a variety of tasks. Composting, saving snails and ridding the garden of invasive plants.

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John Shirley

The Big Twigs

Sunday 28th January

Written by John Shirley

Emily and John arrived bang on time (almost) on Sunday morning to help tidy up Penn Road Garden, a quiet and peaceful green triangular public space that is regularly maintained by the local community. It's late January, but we still had many leaves to clear, which will be composted.

We also picked up numerous large twigs, and branches of all sizes, which had become detached from the park's trees following recent storms. While working hard, we were able to catch up with each others' lives over the two-hour task, while also removing green shoots and holly which were smothering tree trunks.

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Forward Plan(t)ing

Sunday 29th October 2023

Written by Sevan

David and Sevan were the GoodGym representatives at Penn Road Gardens this Sunday to help the local residents keep on top of the regular maintenance tasks. There were 2 types of tasks on the menu this morning. Both equally valuable, but very different.

On the side of Good, there were future plans that needed to be set in motion now. David helped a group of volunteers to plant spring bulbs, which will shoot up and provide a beautiful display after the winter. For now, they'll stay hidden beneath the soil. Sevan was also asked to add some bits of cardboard - soggy after the night's rain - to the compost heaps to add carbon rich material to the future compost mix.

On the side of Bad, or rather banishing bad from the gardens, there were current problems to be addressed. David started the task by weeding alkanet from the flowerbeds, working along one side of the gardens. Sevan on the other hand was sent behind the shed to clear a patch of brambles. Out of sight, out of mind? No matter, after hiding in the bushes for a while, he'd managed to dig out all but the deepest roots, leaving the area bramble free.

Part way through the task, some light rain started and got heavier, then heavier still. As the water started to seep through their jackets, the GoodGymers decided to go their separate ways to find some warm, dry cover. Such are the joys of gardening in autumn.

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Simon FitzmauriceBelén BecerraFrances PowrieSteve ComanJohn ShirleyMadhanInes B

Penn Road is O-penn to all!

Sunday 27th August 2023

Written by Simon Fitzmaurice

Our Goodgym crew were treated to a gloriously sunny Sunday morning at Penn Road Gardens today. The local resident gardening team were thrilled to have so many Goodgym helpers on hand to assist with their green projects, particularly as they are hosting a celebration in two weeks:

Party in the Park- Penn Road Gardens - A celebration of the volunteer efforts in this idyllic green space!

Between us, we were able to cut and trim loads of awkward overgrown bushes surrounding the gardens, and swept up huge amounts of dropped leaves across the pedestrian entrances. Loads of litter picking and gathering discarded rubbish too, always found in bushes next to Caledonian Road. Midway through our morning, we took advantage of a lovely cup of tea and coffee and optional digestives to fuel our excellent work!

Within just two hours, we made a real transformation. Top stuff everyone!

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Ines BJohn ShirleyJavierKashSevan

Rakes and Baggers

Sunday 30th July 2023

Written by Ines B (she/her)

Once again GoodGym assisted with the monthly tidy-up of Penn Road Community Gardens.

Sevan and Kash came all the way from Ealing, John walked over from Highbury Fields Junior ParkRun, while Ines arrived from the other side of the road - for her second task at this site. I always thought leaves dropped in the autumn, but here we are at the end of July and the paths in the gardens were full of them! It was a major task to rake up the leaves and sweep them into bags, for composting.

After more than ninety minutes work, Sevan and Kash headed to a birthday party, Ines walked back across the road and John headed for Switzerland! But we’ll be back next month…

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