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Little Venice decontamination

Wednesday 14th February

Written by Joel Wiles

2 GoodGymers plus 2 apprentice GoodGymers removed 4 big bags of contaminates from the waterway surroundings in Little Venice

Starting off at the Canal & River Trust HQ we power walked and talked our way first East then out West to the edge of the borough. Picking up everything from Vapes to takeaway boxes and plenty of cigarette butts.

Filling up the bags fast we cleared a load of potential canal contaminates and a few that were already in the water, to help to keep the ecosystem healthy and thriving!

Just over an hour of power stepping and rubbish picking we emptied the bags and went along after a productive session!

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London Running

Tuesday 13th February

Written by Joel Wiles

Unfortunately with our task unavailable at late notice we had to make it work with a Central London Run.

Taking in some Landmarks, the River, a few Royal parks while clocking up 6k was a nice way to finish the day.

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Clothes to those in need!

Wednesday 31st January

Written by Joel Wiles

7 GoodGymers helped sort and give a truck load if essentials to Westminster's homeless community.

Great to be helping Get Rid Of And Donate in 2024 and their amazing work with the Capitals vulnerable communities. After meeting at Green Park, 4 if the group ran 2k to make our way over to Charing Cross and meet the rest of the crew.

Andrea was there and we got cracking! Setting out all the big warm clothing, bedding, shoes and coats ready for those that need to take. Off the back of the van bags, sleeping bags, ground mats and sleeping bag insulation was given out.

A hectic but impactful for so many task to really help those in need of a little help as we move through the Winter weather.

60 minutes and the donations were taken to new owners before we ran off into the night with a task complete.

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Cold hands and warm tarts

Thursday 18th January

Written by Michelle

*Pies technically but what’s a pun tweak between friends

I joined some of the regular food distribution volunteers helping Rhythms of Life distributing food and drinks to homeless people.

Rhythms of Life is a London homeless charity . 365 days of the year, volunteers give out food donated by charity partners to help those in need. The charity was founded in 2008 by Andrew Faris, a former rough-sleeper of 6 years. Andrew was there tonight and was really welcoming.

With the tempreture plummeting by the minute a long queue formed around St Martin’s Place and the volunteers got into action. I was shown the ropes by the regulars and Andrew and given the the task of handing out pastries, doughnuts and warm pies. The hour flew by, as all of the homemade soup, hot food and tea and coffee was given out. Nothing is ever wasted and Andrew takes anything left to hostels and shelters.

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Tidy up time!!

Wednesday 17th January

Written by Joel Wiles

7 GoodGymers tidied up 4 areas of the tardis that is St Andrews Youth club

Great to be back at the amazing St Andrews Youth Club as they continue their brilliant work with the young people of Westminster.

Catching up with COO Sarah and Club manager Adrian was great to see all the areas of the club being used to engage young people in positive activities. From Boxing to Cooking and from table tennis to piano there was so much going on!

We tackled 4 areas to help with the smooth operation of club life and open up an additional space for even more things to happen.

Clearing a fire exit first, then up to the top floor to tidy up and store for next year the Christmas presents and wrapping paper. clear some huge boxes up stairs to open out an office area for Counselling sessions and finally moving 20 big chairs to open out a music area.

All done by 7:30 where we ran off into the night to keep warm and with a job well done!

Thanks for coming along!! Be great to see again soon!!

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Helping feed those that need

Tuesday 2nd January

Written by Joel Wiles

4 Epic GoodGymers helped feed 60 people at the Rhythms of Life Soup Kitchen

Great to help Westminster's most in need we some much needed and appreciated hot food and drinks.

awesome to welcome Akshay on his maiden GoodGym session! and along with Victoria we put the Power into Power walking with a 15 minute march to Trafalgar Square to meet the Rhythms of Life team.

Linking up with Jitka who had gone directly to the task and was already making the hot drinks as we arrived!

we served up fruit, bread, pastries, cake to ho with so hot drinks and a hot meal to 75 people.

A really important task to get 2024 going!!

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