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In the bag!

Saturday 13th May

Written by Anit

Great and satisfying feeling, powering through putting together around 130 food parcels to be handed to those needing them. Had AJ for company though we were at different packaging stations. Happy to hear GG mentioned and acknowledged during the debrief at the end!

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Waltham ForestCommunity mission
Latoya Stephens


Thursday 23rd March

Written by Latoya Stephens

Pumphouse has become a regular favourite for some of our Goodgymers who were very excited to see what has changed since we last attended.

The workshop had been emptied and some tables built along the walls. A task that seemed impossible a few weeks ago.

Two Goodgymers amongst some other volunteers set about sanding, painting and varnishing the furniture needed to be used in the workshop.

We can't wait to go back to this awesome spot to help out again and experience some of the hidden beauty that is located in this area.

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Joanne Franklin

X is for Xylophone

Wednesday 22nd March

Written by Bromley runner

My first task in my birth town, and a solo one at that! I met Helen from the Toy Library and we got to work sorting some of the toys in storage, separating out the older ones to be recycled, and putting like toys together.

I set about tidying up the musical toys and made a whole box of xylophones! Task number 2 was to work through a bag of shape sorter boxes and check they had all their shapes. I reunited a lost shape with its box, which was nicely satisfying.

It was really nice to visit the Toy Library again (it’s been about three decades since my last loan, I’m told…!), and I hope to help again soon.

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Waltham ForestCommunity mission

Little person delivers “Big Local Newsletter”

Wednesday 8th March

Written by Charlotte

One Goodgymer (Charlotte) delivered 300 William Morris Big Local Newsletters. Despite anticipating being hungover while completing the task, this was happily not the case.

The weather was chilly but not raining, and fortunately there were no dog related incidents.

All leaflets on the round were delivered and the extras returned to the RV point on Elmsdale Rd.

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Waltham ForestCommunity mission
Mohammad Salman AnsariSarah WhitehouseRuby Daly

Dig deep and "flax" those muscles!

Saturday 4th March

Written by Sarah Whitehouse

Two determined Goodgymmers (Ruby and Sarah) met the lovely Penny, Miranda and Sara from Church Hill Road Community Gardeners, Walthamstow, and successfully wrestled a very stubborn giant New Zealand Flax Plant (Phormium) into submission! The "monster plant" had gone somewhat rampant in the Shernall Road corner of the community garden, and on the advice of the RHS, needed to be removed from the rockery. Ruby, Sara and Sarah dug, chopped and heaved until the giant phormium was successfully uprooted! Vanquishing the monster was hugely satisfying, and Penny seemed both thrilled and relieved that it had been safely removed to make space for a greater variety of loveliness in that little spot of the rockery. Goodgym/Church Hill Road Gardeners 1: Phormium 0!

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Waltham ForestCommunity mission
Jay RosenbergLatoya StephensRuby Daly

Pizza Pumphouse Fun

Tuesday 28th February

Written by Latoya Stephens

Today saw us return to Pumphouse Museum in Walthamstow where we are helping to create a workshop for the public.

Firstly, Sean who is running the project, had us go to his main workshop to collect some equipment that will be needed in the new space.

We then painted some cupboard doors and started clearing unwanted items from the room.

Ruby went outside to help sweep up in front of the seating which are made from old underground trains.

We then had Pizza for lunch which had us getting up know each other better.

After lunch, Louise attached door handles (which Sean had made with his 3D printer) to cupboards whilst Jay supported with some cutting of wood to make tables.

The Pumphouse team are aiming to get all the work done by Easter and so have many volunteering opportunities for the community as well as Goodgym members. There are two more opportunities available this Wednesday and Thursday in the Goodgym listings to not only help but check out this cool space located in Walthamstow.

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