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Sparkle , Shine, Smile, repeat!

Friday 17th May

Written by Ruby Daly

After a shake start (GoodGymmers arrived earlier than the organisers!), roles were assigned and then the wait began for the walkers to arrive at the halfway point where the three of us made encouraging sounds, waved pompom and directed the walkers onwards. Everyone was in good spirits (despite a few getting lost...) and really pleased to be part of a fundraiser that raised over £30,000. Note for next time: take mosquito spray! The forest is alive!!

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Life's a (seed) ball!

Wednesday 1st May

Written by Alexandra Iseghohi

It finally time for some warmer outdoor sessions and Wednesday was the perfect day for it!

We have been working with Walthamstow Toy Library for a while and have completed many an indoor task but this week we had the pleasure of completing some weed trimming and seed scattering around the grounds.

As usual, we arrived to a warm welcome from Helen who provided us with a range of tools and gloves to get to work on the overgrown bushes pushing through the fence. We made quick work of trimming this down to manageable lengths before moving onto the weeds lining the pavement.

In between tugs of weeds, we came across seed bombs encased in clay that had failed to dissolve in the soil. Between Ramon's recommended foot twisting mechanism and a few whacks with the tail ends of our tools, we were able to break them apart and redistribute them along the soil beds and will hopefully be singing some wildflowers sprouting soon.

3 plastic bins filled to the brim with weeds and some very good conversation later, we could stand back and admire the fruits of our (relatively) intense labour.

Our task was made considerably more entertaining by some of the unbelievable Alpaca facts dropped by Sarah, so if you are looking to learn some wildlife facts while spending some time in the great outdoors, be sure to look out for our next task!

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No twigs attached!

Wednesday 17th April

Written by Alexandra Iseghohi

Another physical session at the Trencherfield Allotments, moving the tree branches out of the way of the paths for the the regular users.

This week we were facing thicker, longer and more tangled branches than we ever had before, with the bottom layer posing a particular challenge. However, after a few whacks to the face from errant twigs, we got the hang of the twist/pull motion we needed to ensure success.

And successful we were! After a few back and forth trips, we had created an impressive pile of garden waste well shielded from the necessary path and were able to call it an evening. Despite being unable to run to the task due to a small (embarrassing) injury, Dan and Faye were able to get a run in on the way home!

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If a tree falls in the forest...

Wednesday 3rd April

Written by Alexandra Iseghohi

Our first physical task of the warmer weather!

A deceptively difficult foray into all things tree felling (or the aftermath thereof), we braved fairytale style thorns and walking the plank in order to clear up the paths that had been blocked by tree trimmings.

Gloves on and ready for (almost) anything, we took turns hoisting branch piles above our heads and tramping single-file to the designated spot behind the shed. A few, "oofs" and "ouches" later, we realised that the thorns and jagged edges were going to require us to be a lot more vigilant.

Refusing to be beaten, we quickly made light work of the pile of plant waste and were off into the evening for some well-deserved pizza!

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Off the rails!

Wednesday 24th January

Written by Waltham Forest runner

Off the rails!

Three Goodgymers from Waltham Forest went to Traid charity shop to help them with a store refurb. Ramon, Ruby and Charlotte ran varying distances (Ramon and Ruby definitely ran furthest) and met at Traid on the High Street to help the team do a big spring clean and rotate their stock for the new season. They helped take the clothes from the rails to be packed in huge cardboard boxes, so the store could be cleaned, displays and rails could be moved around, and new stock could be put out. They also helped move some big boxes of shoes (Ramon found a pair he liked!) The trio made short work of the task and by 7pm had put on their running shoes (not the ones from the charity shop) and headed off into the night.

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Not all heroes wear capes!

Wednesday 27th March

Written by Helen Farebrother-Naylor

Hurrah! Another trip for GGWF to Walthamstow toy library with the lovely Helen C.

After a short run there, we (Alex, Charlotte, Ramon, Ercole, Dan, and another Helen for good measure) met at the task, and finished off with some hill reps (ok, the stairs). For Ercole, this was a walk in the park after 40 reps of the Springfield Park mound today!

Our task? Sorting out fancy dress into categories.

Dear Reader, this may seem simple, but let me assure you, that this task could be over thunk. Especially with yours truly around. Do all the princess costumes go in the Disney pile? What about Star Wars costumes, aren’t those owned by Disney now?! Shall we keep all the cowboy/sheriff costumes together with Buzz costumes? Robin Hood- historical figure or fictional character? Will mixing Marvel and DC superhero costumery cause a rip in the fabric of the space-time continuum?! And, arrrrrrrrrrrrr these trousers piratical 🏴‍☠️ enough to go here?! We pondered all these, AND MORE.

But mostly we had a very jolly time, with some outstanding dressing up and accessorising (although worth remembering what Coco Chanel said (@Ramon) about taking off the last thing one puts on!

And I’m afraid there were devastating scenes breaking the news to one GoodGymmer that the unicorn 🦄 costume belonged in the “mythical creature” costume pile, and not the “animal” pile. Ercole, we hope you’re doing ok now..

Anyway, fairly speedily we had things categorised and wrapped up, faster than you can say “professional web-slinger, coming through!”.

Reader, our task was done. We helped with locking up, and sped off into the (Dark K)night.

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